Allan & Mark

Allan & Mark “2007”

   Thanks you for your support in helping our dreams come true. We have waited all our lives and with your help, she is here. We feel like a complete Family.

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Jim & Allie

 Jim & Allie “2008”

   I found Become parents a very professional and helpful lot. Their guidance has been invaluable. We are satisfied with their service and would recommend their service to any parent.”- Jim George& Alli.

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A&F “2009, 2010 – Yes they had 3 babies with us”

   Starting the surrogacy journey in 2009 was a decision that brought to life a dream that we would never have thought possible. We were blessed with twins after our second attempt.

We are forever indebted to the entire team of Become Parents Agency for thegreat care they took of us and our babies during the process of surrogacy.

Our main reason for choosing Become Parents Agency over the other Agency’s was there ethical approach towards our surrogate. Unlike others offering the same services, Become Parents Agency actually pay the highest proportion to the surrogate, this was important to us.

The other main point of difference is the “through -line-approach” offered by Become Parents Agency. At every step of the way whilst in India we had access to our very own person on the ground to take care of us, to answer our questions, to make calls on our behalf, to arrange anything and everything for us from drivers to arranging a better deal for hotel accommodation.

We were given a step-by-step tour of all aspects of the process while in India from meeting the medical team to inspecting the facilities of the hospital to the accommodation for our surrogate. The process was transparent.

They offered us a friendly hand-to-hold for which we were forever grateful. This added enormous value to the experience and gave us piece of mind and confidence to deal with all the official rounds of paperwork required, for which we also had guidance with.

We had also met a number of other couples from all over the world who had an entirely different experience.Once their baby/babies were born they were on their own, ill prepared with no one to turn to. Become Parents Agency upon our request also helped advise them and steer them in the correct direction, at no cost the information was generously given.

We were kept up-to-date with every step of the process which engaged us and provided us with the sense of involvement and piece of mind, despite being on the other side of the globe.
Being a same sex couple, we found that the entire team treated us with the highest respect with no prejudices.

We also admired the great care doctor Patel took of our egg donor and our wonderful surrogate, both were treated with dignity, and respect, as this was of the highest importance to us. This was also true of doctor Soni and doctor Bijal, all took great care of us, our babies and our surrogate without exception.

Parenthood has been the most wonderful experience, one that has exceeded all our dreams, so much so that we decided late last year to go through surrogacy again under the auspicious care of doctor Patel, doctor Soni and doctor Bijal. This time we were lucky the first time, God willing next August will bring a third blessing to our family.

It is with no hesitation that we would recommend Become Parents Agencyas a highly ethical and professional experts in the field of surrogacy.

Many Blessings,
A—-, F—–, E—& O—-


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 Robin Yesudas…”2011″

We have no hesitation in recommending BP to our friends and relatives…

Email address etc. can be provided for reference check should you want to contact this Couple from USA – Photos withheld due to privacy reasons.

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