Assisted Hatching

assisted hatchingAssisted Hatching is a medical treatment used as a part of the IVF process. This technique helps those couple who undergoes IVF process. It increases the chances of successful pregnancy & especially suitable for women who are older than 38 and allows them to have an opportunity to have a child. Women who are dealing with endometriosis will find this method beneficial as well.

We at Become Parents only suggested Assisted hatching to the infertile couples who have failed IVF cycles, or to a couple whose embryos have a particularly “hard to break into” outer layer or women older than 37 years of age. Multiple failures of IVF has been associated with the excessive thickness of the zona pellucida or hardening of it following IVF culture.

The embryo, therefore, may find it challenging to hatch out of the shell. In this case, the assisted hatching process may help. In this process, an artificial opening for the embryo is created which may help it eventually implant when transferred.

Different Techniques of Assisted Hatching: The techniques used to perform Assisted Hatching chemical, mechanical and laser.

In the chemical process, an acidic solution by a microscope is directed on a small area of the zona pellucida to dissolve, and after it, the embryo is washed using several drops of culture medium.

In the process of mechanical hatching, a beautiful fine glass microneedle is used to pierce the zona pellucida. Laser hatching process is used at a small area of the zona pellucida.

The mechanical method is inexpensive but time-consuming and requires expert skills. The laser process is better & more reproduction than others but its equipment are very expensive.

The risk with Assisted Hatching:

There are several risks associated with this process. The significant dangers include complications for your unborn child as well as affecting their mental health, some deformities, conjoined babies, the risk of infections, having elevated blood pressure, and also experiencing mood swings at times.

The rate of Success with Assisted Hatching:

The assisted hatching process increases the rate of success of IVF. The couples having IVF along with this process have a higher chance of having a child. For women who are between the ages of 35-39, the rate with this technique jumps up 10% to 55%. This process is a better solution for the couples who have tried IVF before and have failed results for no known reasons.

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