Become an Egg Donor

egg donation agencies in indiaWomen’s infertility has become a very common problem. It affects around 15 percent of all couples. Most recipients who do struggle with infertility will become pregnant with the help of female egg donation by healthy women. Most donors usually donate more than once and consider donation an honor and a very rewarding experience. They enjoy being able to help bring a new life into the world and make a couple’s dream to be parents come true. Egg donation is an incredible gift to couples who cannot otherwise conceive children.

The Process

Once you make a decision to become an egg donor, there are safeguards and steps that have been put into place to help be sure that you have a successful, satisfying, and safe experience. The initial process can last anywhere from six weeks to four months. Ideal egg donors are in their 20s and 30s, have no medical issues, are non-smokers, and are within 20 pounds of their ideal weight.

If you do meet these basic criteria, you will be able to move forward with the application process.

Application and Questionnaire – this will include details of your personal information and history – including your known medical history. You may also be asked to give a picture and set up an account.

Medical Screening – you will be given a physical exam, along with genetic and medical testing. Blood will be taken to screen for HIV, STDs, and hepatitis, as well as nicotine or drugs.

Psychological Evaluation – typically this step is done after the results of the medical screening have been determined. You will be given an evaluation on the computer as well as a one-on-one session with a psychologist.

Legal Process – once you have been medically and psychologically cleared for donation, a legal contract will be finalized which allows to become an egg donor or the donation procedure to be carried out.

become an egg donor

Donation Procedure

To start with, medications will be injected to stimulate your ovaries so that eggs can be produced and grown. Throughout the donation procedure, injections will be given to stimulate ovulation, hormone injections to stimulate follicle development in the ovaries, and then a final series of injections will be administered for the maturation of the egg for retrieval.

During retrieval, blood will be taken as well as ultrasounds to monitor the growth of the eggs. Once the eggs are mature, it is time for retrieval. This process takes a minimum of thirty minutes and a maximum of an hour. The eggs will be retrieved with a needle guided with ultrasound.

You will have approximately a two-hour recovery time and will be able to return to your normal activities the following day. However, it is recommended that donors refrain from sexual activity for up to two weeks following egg donation.

Egg Donation

surrogacy in india priceThough it seems like a rigorous process to become an egg donor and the process of donation can be difficult, being part of a female egg donation is the greatest gift you can give a family that is having difficulty conceiving. Don’t worry that if you donate eggs you will have difficulty conceiving them later on.

A woman produces around 400,000 eggs, so donating eggs does not decrease your chances of getting pregnant in future years.

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