As you start ahead with your search for a surrogate mother in Colombia, you need to get informed regarding every key aspect and factor in the same regard. Moreover, there is a certain definition of surrogate mothers in Colombia as per the country’s constitution.

What does Colombia’s constitution say about surrogate mother in Colombia?

Surrogate mother in ColombiaAccording to the Constitutional Court’s Sentence T-968 of 2009, “surrogate motherhood” or “surrogacy” is the reproductive act that results in the birth of a gestated child, by a woman subject to a pact or commitment, by which she must assign all rights over the newborn to another woman who will appear as his mother.

That said, the surrogate mother needs to be a healthy woman within the age group of 18-30 years.

Besides, she needs to be physically and mentally ready to bear a child for the intended parents. Moreover, the surrogate in Colombia must have delivered a healthy child in the past and she further needs to be willing enough to support the intended parents in their surrogacy journey.

What are the various types of surrogacy available in Colombia?

On the other side, the following two methods can be used to conduct surrogacy in Colombia: Surrogacy in which the surrogate mother only contributes her womb i.e gestational surrogacy, and Total surrogacy, in which the surrogate mother donates both her womb and her eggs

Moreover, one can become a surrogate mother for financial or altruistic reasons. Altruistic surrogate motherhood is when the mother wishes to participate in this activity for social reasons because of ties of love, friendship, or kinship with the contracting partners. Commercial surrogacy happens when the pregnant woman will request compensation from the partner she wishes to conceive with.

surrogate mother in Colombia

What does Colombia’s legal system look like for surrogacy?

Although there have been legal initiatives in Colombia with the goal of outlawing or penalizing surrogate motherhood practices, the Colombian Congress has not yet given its approval to these decrees.

For this reason, renting a womb or using a surrogate mother is still permitted in Colombia as a means of having children and sentence T-968 of 2009 of the Constitutional Court governs this situation.

Legally speaking, this activity should be governed by a secure legal framework that protects surrogate women from exploitation from random surrogate mother agency in Colombia. Besides, this should also protect the unborn child as well so that he or she can live a healthy life.

Depending on the circumstances, surrogacy in Colombia may involve a number of legal considerations, including:

  • Surrogate Motherhood Contract describing all the details of the procedure (names of those involved, payments and forms of payments, food during pregnancy, medical expenses for childbirth, restrictions, actions in case of possible inconveniences, among others)
  • Public Registry, so that the respective parents’ newborn can be registered legally.
  • Maternity Challenge, though not a typical procedure in family law, perfectly fits this case and prevents further annoyance.
  • If the newborn is from a foreign couple and wants to complete the nationalization procedures in another country, they will need a minor’s exit permit.
  • If the surrogate mother in Colombia violates any restrictions outlined in the contract, lawsuits may result.

How much does the surrogate mother cost in Colombia?

Surrogate mother cost in ColombiaThe cost of a surrogate mother is usually inclusive of the overall surrogate mother cost in Colombia you incur in the country. Still, on average, a legal surrogacy procedure may cost between $20,000 and $60,000 USD and that would include around $10000-$15000 as surrogate mother costs in Colombia.

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