Surrogate Mother in Ukraine

The role of a surrogate mother is a big one. Besides helping intended parents in reaching their parenthood dreams, the surrogate further brings many smiles to the faces of everyone involved in the surrogacy arrangement.

Unfortunately, not everyone can become surrogate mothers in Ukraine as there is a pre-defined criterion for the same.

Who can become a surrogate?

While the criteria would depend on the personal choices of our partner surrogate mother agency in Ukraine, the general criteria are as follows :

  • Surrogate Mother in UkraineThe surrogate mother should be between the ages of 21 to 35 years
  • She should be free from any physical or mental health issues
  • The surrogate must be ready to undergo numerous tests and diagnoses as per the requirements of the surrogacy clinic
  • She must not be coming with an addiction to any harmful or banned substance
  • The surrogate mothers in Ukraine must have carried a child in the past

Why Surrogate mothers in Ukraine are so popular?

There are many reasons why surrogate mother in Ukraine is in demand these days. The reproductive systems of Ukrainian women are exceptional; they can carry and give birth to children who are healthy and develop in a balanced manner. Besides, the legal framework that Ukraine’s legislative bodies established for the surrogate child-bearing program is significant:

  • The Ukrainian law does not specify or set a cap on the amount of compensation for surrogacy services in terms of surrogate mother cost in Ukraine
  • the agreement between the intended parents and the surrogacy agency in Ukraine does not require the approval of specific bodies or the necessity of judicial review;
  • Under the surrogacy motherhood program, only the child’s biological parents are recognized as his legal parents in Ukraine
  • the newborn is given a birth certificate with the names of his genetic parents on it, sparing the real parents from having to go through the difficult adoption process.

These are a few of the reasons that make surrogates in Ukraine highly preferred among numerous medical tourists across the globe.

How much does the surrogate mother cost in Ukraine?

Surrogate mothers in UkraineSurrogate costs in Ukraine are paid in various instalments and are not set in one go. That said, being a surrogate entails expenses beyond simple payment for childbirth. Moreover, financial compensation will be needed for all in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, including their preparation (such as synchronizing menstrual cycles), pregnancy detection, medical products intended for childbearing, keeping, and giving birth to a child, and monthly maintenance of a pregnant woman.

Additionally, the costs listed below will be needed. On the other side, additional compensation is required for every attempt to implant a fertilized egg into the body. That said, for multiple pregnancies, a specific payment of up to $2,500 USD is necessary.

How much needs to be paid to the surrogate mother in Ukraine?

The use of a surrogate mother is a pricey and somewhat risky procedure. Besides, genetic parents are still obligated to cover the cost of the surrogacy even if a fertilized egg cannot survive in a surrogate womb. Frequently, the biological parents will pay the surrogate mother’s rent along with other costs including providing food, clothing, and other personal expenses.

Following the birth, the surrogate mother receives the base payment, which can be between 8,000 and 20,000 USD. On the other hand, parents who view motherhood as a service ought to take full responsibility for this step.

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