Surrogacy in USA

If we talk about the Surrogacy in USA, laws regarding to it are governed at a State level and there are wide variations and respective definitions to what type of best surrogacy is allowed in a specific state, talking about the numbers, Approximately 19 US states have laws in relation to commercial surrogacy and its highly practiced and recognized in these states only.

Moreover, states like California, Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota, Connecticut are best known for their laws and regulations in support of Commercial surrogacy and their experience, along with stern surrogate screening practices and most advanced IVF, Surrogacy treatments makes the US most preferred surrogacy destination for the couples around the world.

Laws and regulations in regards to surrogacy in US

If we talk about the other states apart from the above mentioned ones, 10 of them got laws and guideline sot recognize Altruistic surrogacy and these laws provides favorable assistance in the transfer of parentage to the intended parents whilst making the appropriate changes to the birth certificate along with the legal parentage under the federal laws of the respective state.

On the other hand, people from other countries can seek the surrogacy arrangements in United State (US) and all the children born in the process would then be eligible for the US passport irrespective of the intended parent’s citizenship.

Surrogacy Agencies in USA

Almost 13 US states accommodates various surrogacy agencies of all shapes and sizes which specializes in different services like recruiting the surrogate, matching them with the needs and preferences of the intended parents whilst managing the whole process at every step. Moreover, there are other agencies which offer egg or sperm donor services and one can also see different amateur surrogate forums which facilitate intended parents to reach out to the surrogate mother themselves. All such forums might not offer services in regards to third party matching or psychological screening of surrogates; they would still ensure a better and most suitable surrogate on board by their own predefined surrogacy processes in US.


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