Surrogacy cost in Argentina is substantially lower than in most of the developed countries in the west. This is the reason why this country attracts thousands of medical tourists every year within its territory. A foreign national can easily opt for a surrogacy program in the country without getting through any legal hassle.

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Surrogacy cost in Argentina

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Benefits of choosing Surrogacy in Argentina

If you are an intended parent, you must know that Argentina is the first nation in Latin America to officially recognize and sanction gay and same-sex relationships in Argentina. They enjoy the same legal protections as heterosexual couples throughout the nation. The medical facilities and treatments available in Argentina, on the other side, are state-of-the-art. Moreover, Argentina has a large number of facilities and clinics offering the best assisted reproductive technologies at reasonable surrogacy costs in Argentina.

There is no legislative regulation of surrogacy in Argentina that permits or forbids any method or procedure. Gay or same-sex couples in Argentina have the option to become parents through surrogacy. The leading medical tourism business in the nation offers the best guidance and services. There are both altruistic and compensated ways to pay for surrogacy.

Intended parents receive a healthy live birth at a low cost surrogacy in Argentina ranging from 80,000 to 99,000 USD.

Choosing the surrogate mother

A couple with serious infertility problems can use a surrogate mother who has already delivered a child successfully in the past. The surrogate mother must be in good health and capable of carrying the couple’s pregnancy and child for nine months. You can choose the Argentine surrogate mother either independently or through a clinic.

A healthy surrogate mother is provided by clinics and surrogacy agencies after numerous screenings and medical checks. After mixing sperm with the eggs,

Surrogacy agency cost in Argentina

your specialist will transfer the fertilized embryo to the surrogate womb.

The intending parents have the option of paying the surrogate mother in an altruistic or compensated manner. This surrogacy cost in Argentina, will cover living expenses, food, transportation, maternity care, and medical costs. After giving birth, the surrogate mother will hand over the healthy kid to the couple.

Choose low cost surrogacy in Argentina. The cost is much more affordable than in western industrialized nations.

How Gestational Surrogacy Works in Argentina?

Surrogate mother cost in Argentina


  • Gestational surrogacy involves the implantation of the embryo into the surrogate mother’s womb after getting it developed from the sperm and eggs derived from the intended parents. It works with assisted reproduction methods like IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization). The expert gathers the intended parent’s sperm and eggs outside the fertilization lab to create the embryo. The procedure is possible in the nation using donor sperm or eggs. In Argentina, it goes through the following stages:
  • Numerous organizations offer the ability to choose a healthy surrogate mother from their database. They carry out thorough background checks on surrogate moms as well as checks on their health, fertility, past pregnancies, and other factors. Select the ideal match based on the characteristics that will influence the progeny.
  • To ascertain the health of your gametes and the surrogate mother’s capacity to conceive and deliver the kid, the center will conduct a number of tests and examinations. Blood tests, ultrasounds, psychiatric and physical examinations will all be conducted.
  • Both parties will execute the legal formalities in order to consider the process. It includes the surrogate mother granting the parenting rights to the intended parents. After agreeing to the method in writing, neither party may withdraw or change their minds.
  • To increase the ovaries’ ability to produce eggs, the expectant woman will take fertility medications. With the release of hormone injections into the uterus and a big number of healthy, mature eggs, it will produce. With the injections, the uterine lining of the surrogate mother will become ready.
  • Our specialists harvest the female partner’s eggs from the uterus painlessly using cutting-edge technology. A speculum is used to open the vagina, through which a catheter will be inserted. The procedure and equipment inside the uterus will be helped by the transvaginal ultrasound. A sharp needle will aspirate the egg follicles currently present in the uterus and collect the healthy eggs. Using a sample of semen, the male sperm will be separated and prepared in the lab by the specialist.
  • During fertilization, your sperm and eggs will mix on the culture dish. They will use contemporary techniques to fertilize eggs and sperm.
  • Its expansion and development will be observed by the expert. They will insert one or two embryos into the uterus of the surrogate mother.
  • Two weeks after the fertilized eggs are implanted in the surrogate womb, a blood test will reveal the pregnancy. For nine months, the Intended parents will be responsible for covering up the surrogate’s requirements in terms of surrogacy in Argentina cost. It will cover regular check-ups, trips to the doctor’s office, nutrient requirements, wholesome food, and diet regimens.
  • The two methods of childbirth are traditional vaginal delivery and cesarean delivery. The child will deliver the baby successfully and hand it over to the intended parents.

How much surrogacy cost in Argentina?

Surrogacy cost in Argentina

Your choice of surrogacy will determine the overall cost of surrogacy in Argentina. Your decision to use a paid or altruistic surrogate mother will further result in a higher cost of surrogacy in Argentina. It roughly falls between USD 66,000 and USD 69,900.

Surrogacy in Argentina Cost is influenced by a number of factors like gametes and the reproductive health of the surrogate mother.

The following elements will largely impact how much surrogacy cost in Argentina:

Surrogate mother: You will choose a surrogate mother through any facility or agency that will charge a fee for the woman’s medical diagnostic, remuneration, basic needs, travel, food, and other necessities for her to survive and provide for her unborn child. You can offer surrogate mother insurance, albeit it might not fully cover the procedure. The cost of the surrogate mother in Argentina will have an impact on all of your costs.

Agency Fees: As you will opt for surrogacy via an agency like Become Parents, the agency fees would also be included in the surrogacy cost in Argentina. For delivering the best and most cutting-edge services, they may offer a number of packages.

Legal services: As you proceed with the surrogacy process in Argentina, a skilled family lawyer is needed to draft the contract for your process. This will bring along additional legal fees as a result.

Eggs or sperm donors: To achieve successful pregnancy outcomes, you may need donor eggs or sperm during IVF treatment.

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