Egg Donor in AustraliaEgg donation is a process that can help an intended mother to proceed with IVF treatment even when her eggs cannot be used for the same treatment due to several infertility reasons. That way, an egg donor in Australia can be deemed as an integral part of the parenthood aspirations of the same intended parents.

On the other side, there are several pre-defined criteria for who can partake in egg donation in Australia. Here, we list down every related information and aspect to help you get a better understanding of the overall egg donation procedure.

Who can become an egg donor in Australia?

Women from all racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds are eligible to donate their eggs in Australia. If you meet the requirements listed below, this applies to women of all heights, shapes, and sizes:

The age range for egg donor in Australia is 18 to 32. Please be aware that the experts from our partner egg donor clinic in Australia reserve the right to determine the appropriate age of the egg donor. However, no egg donor over the age of 32 will be accepted for clinic-recruited donation.

Donors must be able to be reached for a follow-up screening and have a permanent address. Besides, they must be able to present three forms of identification as well as proof of their current address, such as a driver’s license, passport, or photo ID.

On the other side, a person participating in egg donation in Australia should be in good health and have no family history of inherited physical, mental, or physiological conditions. Besides, she should not come over with any genetic physical or mental health issues.

On the other side, you are entitled to all Medicare benefits, and even adopted or donor-conceived women are not eligible to donate unless their genetic ancestry is known.

How to get started with Egg donation in Australia?

Get in touch with our medical consultants

You must fill out the Registration Form of our partner egg donor clinic in Australia to express your interest in becoming an egg donor. Using this form, we can determine whether you initially meet the requirements to sign up as an egg donor. There are three ways to express your initial interest:

Besides, you will be required to complete a Lifestyle Consent Form and bring it with you to your specialist. The specialist will review this consent form, which also contains information about your medical history and family background.

Medical Advice from a Specialist

surrogacy agency in ColombiaOn the other side, you must have a consultation with one of our specialists to determine whether you are medically qualified to donate eggs. During the process, your medical history and family history will be examined, and this doctor will go over the egg donation process with you. Besides, it is occasionally necessary to perform a vaginal ultrasound examination to make sure the uterus and ovaries are healthy. The specialist will draft a treatment plan for the egg donor in Australia and provide pathology slips for screening tests to you (and your partner). For this appointment, you will need a referral from your doctor.

Screening and Tests

These tests are necessary as part of the standard screening procedure and before receiving treatment. Moreover, a few screening blood tests will be required of you (and your partner), and the results will be given to your specialist.

The following are a few of the screening blood tests you (and your partner) will need to undergo: Extended Carrier Screenings, Blood Group, Trombophilias, Rubella, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea, as well as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Human T-Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV) 1+2 and CMV.

Educating the patients

Egg Donor cost in AustraliaYou will also need to go to a patient education session before starting treatment. Moreover, the fertility nurse will go over cycle treatment, medications, and their side effects with you. Besides, she will also go over the cycle’s daily requirements.

Women who are thinking about donating their eggs (as well as their partners) are required to go to several counseling sessions. Moreover, the chance to talk more personally about treatment is offered by counseling at the egg donor bank in Australia.

Moreover, it enables you to bring up more personal concerns, such as personal worries, relationship issues, or current life circumstances that could influence the donor’s treatment experience. The future rights of the child (who was conceived using donor gametes) to know their genetic background will also be a topic of discussion. Before any treatment can begin, there must be a “cooling off” period of at least 14 days (between the first and second counseling sessions) to ensure that you have had enough time to think about all aspects of the donation program.

Egg Retrieval

The specialist and fertility nurse from the clinic egg donor in Australia will conduct a final review of the counseling reports, blood tests, and consent forms before the treatment can start to make sure everything is prepared.

Once the egg retrieval procedure is completed, the egg donor would be discharged and recommended the required bed rest by the experts.

How we can help?

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