Surrogacy in Spain

Surrogacy is illegal in Spain, so the individuals, who need to seek the services of a surrogate mother, must travel to another country. If everything goes well on their course, they will be able to find a feasible destination for their surrogacy requirements. These agencies further hire a surrogate to match to their client’s expectations and once they undergo the required tests and screenings, she would then carry the child for the intended parents in return of some money and promise to deliver it to the parents after the child is born.

Most of these surrogates are from another country, which are not financially strong like Spain. Still, during the whole process, the intended parents are bound to travel to territories where, even though the legality of the whole surrogacy arrangement is in question, it still comes as the only alternative left for them in their quest of having their own baby.

How we can help you in the whole process?

Here at Become parents, we provide you one of the best alternatives to surrogacy in Spain through top notch IVF treatment and gestational carrier services. Even if you do have a specific requirement for a surrogacy arrangement, we will make you deal with the most perfect surrogacy arrangement in countries where it is deemed as legal.

One of the best advantages of seeking surrogacy option in different country is that both the intended parents and the surrogate would be going through a legal agreement which eliminates the risk of any unintended attempt of breaching the agreement. The child would be delivered in the most secure medical environment and the state laws of those countries also takes care of the fundamental rights of both surrogate and the intended parent during the whole course of journey.

We will offer you end to end service which would start with your arrival in the respective country till you take the baby along with you in your home country. Whilst our founder being a former intended parent themselves, we understand all the pain and struggles our clients go through in the process.

While its Understood that Surrogacy is not legal in Spain, the couples can opt for several other destinations that are considered as ‘most favourable’ for pursuing surrogacy.


Australia majorly permits altruistic surrogacy within its legal territories and the intended parents are not permitted to put through any hoardings, showcasing or advertisements in any of the print, electronic or online media while looking for the surrogate mother.

Furthermore, they are in like manner, not allowed to put any promotion as for surrogate matching, egg or sperm donors or any other likewise activity within the country.

This is the where it is highly recommended to deal with a highly ethical and affordable surrogacy agency while getting ahead with your efforts towards best surrogacy in Australia. Speaking of the cost of surrogacy in Australia, the intended parents may have to spend any amount in the range of $50,000-$60,000.


Beside Australia, the couples normally look forward to Canada as their most preferred surrogacy destination. The biggest reason towards this is the happiness index scored by this country that stands highest in comparison to other countries around the world. This is one reason why the majority of the couples want to come here to seek their respective surrogacy aspirations.

Aside from best in class clinical support, you can similarly find the best IVF experts that can manage your specific surrogacy case in most feasible manner. Discussing the cost of surrogacy in Canada, you may need to dish out something in the middle of $90,000 to 1,00,00 dollars for surrogacy in Canada.


Kenya comes as another country that, despite of being homophobic, gets highly preferred by most of the surrogacy seeking couples around. The country doesn’t have any approved legislation for surrogacy. Still, the cheap surrogacy plans and standard medical facilities have helped it to become one of the most sought after surrogacy havens for couples that cannot afford high end surrogacy plans.

Similarly, the legislation here permits every person (whether or not the local citizen) to proceed through with their surrogacy desires paying little heed to their sexual orientation. In light of everything, you should be, to some degree, mindful while looking for best surrogacy in Kenya as the general public and society are not that adaptable for gay surrogacy.

Examining the cost, you have to spend between $40,000 in $50,000 for a surrogacy arrangement, all depending on the surrogacy program you are looking forward to.


Another destination that can be considered as the best alternative for surrogacy in Spain is Ukraine. Regardless, the couple needs to note here that only Heterosexual couples are permitted to seek after a surrogacy arrangement in the country.

On the opposite side, the standard of IVF specialists and health facilities is highly exceptional so you can remain guaranteed of getting the best clinical support for the surrogate and your future child. Furthermore, cost of surrogacy in Ukraine would come in the scope of $45,000-$60,000,all relying upon the viewpoints and components of the surrogacy program you have settled on.


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