Surrogate Mothers in Georgia

One of the most crucial aspects of surrogacy in Georgia is choosing the best surrogates in Georgia for your expanding family. Depending on your particular needs and preferences, the best fit in the same regard may vary for each parent. This is where our coordinators at Become Parents will recommend the best candidate from our database of trustworthy surrogate moms who have already gone through the following steps of the screening procedure to assist you with your decision.

surrogate mothers in Georgia

Psychological screening and an interview of the surrogate mother

Frequently, a year or longer of commitment to another family is necessary for surrogacy. A surrogate is monitored medically and psychologically throughout her pregnancy and after giving birth to a child Because of these particular conditions, our experts carefully screen all prospective surrogate mothers in Georgia before approving them.

Interviews serve a variety of functions, one of which is to make sure the applicant is aware of all of these obligations and obstacles

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they may encounter as a surrogate mother. Candidates must demonstrate that they are dependable, accountable, and dedicated to carrying any pregnancy to term. Only those applicants are accepted into the Become Parent family who is totally qualified for the position.

Criminal Background Check

A formal certificate from the relevant government agency is obtained by our experts once the surrogate mother in Georgia pass her initial interview and psychological evaluation. This certifies the surrogate candidate does not have any criminal background for the safety of the parents and babies.

Our experts at Become Parents are knowledgeable about surrogate laws and processes in many jurisdictions thanks to their extensive experience assisting parents from all over the world in realizing their parental goals. Legally, single, unmarried women must be surrogate moms in several nations and regions.

In order to comply with these rules, we require prospective surrogate mothers in Georgia to submit formal documentation of their marital status from the relevant government agency. This avoids any potential difficulties when the baby is born because we will designate a suitable surrogate for your program.

The age factor

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Many parents have an innate desire to select a young surrogate mother, but we are aware from experience that age is not the best indicator of whether or not a surrogate candidate is a good fit. An older surrogate mother in her thirties or early forties may be more stable, reliable, and tranquil than a younger surrogate mother in Georgia in her twenties who might have a busier, more active lifestyle.

Age is not as essential as other characteristics, like the surrogate’s general pregnancy history,

in deciding whether she is a good candidate because a surrogate mother does not use her own eggs. The age range of the surrogate moms at Become parents is 20 to 42, and our staff is available to assist you at every stage of your journey.

Medical Assessment

A surrogate mother is recommended to our doctor for a medical evaluation after passing all of the inspections and interviews. Each prospective surrogate mother has a thorough evaluation of viruses, STIs, and hormones. To ensure that her endometrium is healthy and that she can carry a healthy baby to term, an ultrasound is further conducted by our partner clinics.

Psychological wellbeing and mental health

Taking care of our surrogate mother’s mental health and well-being during pregnancy is just as crucial as taking care of her physical health. Even while it’s frequently depicted as a time of immense joy, not all women experience pregnancy that way.

Pregnancy’s emotional ups and downs can occasionally feel overpowering. Since we firmly think that a surrogate mother’s well-being during pregnancy contributes to the delivery of a healthy baby, we at Become Parents do our best to ensure that they feel properly taken care of.

surrogate mother in Georgia

As a result, we continually check on the emotional health of our surrogate mother to make sure:

  • They always have pregnancy care coordinators on call around the clock to assist them.
  • Psychologists can help them during times when they are experiencing stress or anxiety due to hormone changes
  • Encouraging them to perform activities that make them happy
  • They never have to wait in long queues because others respect their time, and instead, appointments are at precisely scheduled times.
  • demonstrating their significance to us and the intended parents
  • conversing with their relatives to make sure they have support from their family and a suitable atmosphere
  • after the birth of the infant, extra medical examinations, and counseling are provided. Not only before and during pregnancy but also after the baby is delivered, we must ensure that their health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Selection of Surrogates

Our team of medical specialists, who are highly skilled, educated, and committed, comes as the biggest reason for our astounding success over the years. They make sure that only the best embryos are implanted into an endometrium that has been duly monitored.

Doctors are allowed complete freedom to pick surrogate mothers in Georgia for a program based on their expert judgment and to transfer an embryo into the endometrium of the surrogate they have chosen at the right time. Please be aware that a surrogate candidate will be assigned to you by our doctor and medical coordinator due to this necessity for flexibility to achieve the best success rate.

Matching the surrogate with the Intended parents

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We are aware that this surrogacy journey is one of the most emotional experiences you may have. You want to be certain that the future of your family and the lives of your child are in the best, most dependable, and trustworthy hands when choosing a surrogate mother.

We encourage you to request a face-to-face meeting with your surrogate mother because we want you to be as at ease and sure of your choice as possible. To trust that she will carry the pregnancy as if it were her own, keeping your baby safe and well, you will have the opportunity to get to know your surrogate mother personally.

Surrogate mother cost in Georgia

The Surrogate mother cost in Georgia would largely depend on a list of factors like the type of program opted for, the number of tests and diagnoses performed, and so on. While this comes as a part of the entire surrogacy package, we at Become Parents always ensure the most ethical and affordable surrogacy options for our clients.

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