Surrogacy in China

Is surrogacy legal in China?

Surrogacy in China is currently banned as per the recent guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health of China. As per the legislation, no medical expert or institution is permitted to carry through any kind of surrogacy procedure within the legal territories of the country. Additionally, any kind of egg or sperm transfer for any given purpose is also prohibited within the region.

surrogacy in china

Although the guidelines and legislation have been strictly implemented by most medical expert institutions and doctors, there are certain agencies that are still illegally undertaking random surrogacy procedures within the country.

The unfavourable situation and legislation within the country, we do not recommend you pursue any surrogacy program in China. We offer the best solution for gestational surrogacy in China with more alternatives worldwide.

Chinese law neither generally prohibits nor expressly permits surrogacy. As there has been a massive underground surrogacy market in the country, surrogacy lawsuits have occurred from time to time. Chinese courts are called to decide a number of disputed issues regarding the validity of the surrogacy in China contract, and the parenthood of the surrogate child.

Surrogacy Cost in China: What Are the Options?

A 2001 directive from the Chinese Ministry of Health places surrogacy in a legal grey area. Chinese intended parents look to other countries for solutions to their parenthood desires, like many other people from countries where surrogacy is not available.

The United States is a common choice for individuals who have the ability to travel there. However, the majority of Chinese find the cost of surrogacy in the USA to be excessively high. This is the reason why intended parents from the UK or USA focus on options from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine.

Surrogacy agencies in China

The total surrogacy cost in China of full-spectrum assistance programs includes:

  • IVF procedure and embryo transfer fees
  • pregnancy care and after-birth assistance
  • surrogate compensation
  • legal support fees

Going to contact international surrogacy agencies provides the opportunity to fulfil your dream of a complete family while reducing worries. You can contact one of our coordinators for the exact cost of surrogacy in China.

Is there a chance for Gay surrogacy in China?

China does not recognize same-sex marriage. For gay couples who are seeking same sex surrogacy in China, the procedure has had to incur higher medical costs and travel expenses. For that reason, one can choose international surrogacy options as an alternative to LGBT surrogacy in China for the Chinese LGBT community.

Legal Regulations for Surrogate Mother in China

Surrogate mother in china

Surrogacy laws in China define the gestational surrogate as the child’s social parent and the intended mother as the child’s natural mother. This arrangement damages the interest of the baby by adding to the uncertainty over legal parentage and custody.

Usually, the surrogacy agency in China acts as the gateway between a surrogate mother and new parents. They agree to a three-way agreement, but it’s still inadequate to end their dispute. There won’t be any legal authority if a surrogate decides to keep the child.

So, what are your alternatives to Surrogacy in China?

Well, you don’t need to feel disappointed as there are other alternative destinations that you can seek in regard to surrogacy clinic in China. Most of these destinations are cost-effective and don’t carry any unfavourable legislation regarding your respective surrogacy aspirations.


The country only permits altruistic surrogacy within its legal boundaries. The couples are not allowed to put through any kind of promotion or advertisement in media or newspapers to seek the services of a surrogate mother.

Additionally, any kind of surrogate matching, sperm and egg donation, and other related services are also prohibited within the legal territories of the country.

Hence, you have to deal with an ethical surrogacy agency in Australia in order to pursue surrogacy. Talking about the cost part, a plan for surrogacy in Australia would charge you between fifty thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars.


Surrogacy Center in Canada

Canada comes over as a country that boasts the highest happiness index in comparison to any other country across the globe. This is the biggest reason why it always draws the attention of all the International couples seeking surrogacy programs. Besides world-class medical facilities, the country is also home to some of the best IVF experts. Moreover, the cost of surrogacy in Canada would range from $90,000 to 1,00,00 dollars.


Right within a few years’ time, Kenya has proved itself to be one of the most sought-after surrogacy destinations across the globe. Apart from the highly innovative and advanced medical facilities, you can always put your faith in the ethical and affordable surrogacy programs in the country. The only thing you need to take care of here is keeping a legal aspect into consideration.

Surrogacy in China

Moreover, the biggest advantage here is that even same-sex couples and single parents can pursue surrogacy programs without any issues. Looking into the cost part, surrogacy in Kenya would cost you between $40,000-$50,000 depending on the nature of the surrogacy program and other related factors.


surrogacy program in china

One of the other countries that can be looked forward to as a perfect alternative to gestational surrogacy in China is surrogacy in Ukraine. However, surrogacy is only permitted to heterosexual couples within the country. Moreover, the medical facilities and treatments in Ukraine are on par with the best in the world and you don’t need to worry about the quality of IVF treatment you going to receive during your respective surrogacy process. Speaking of the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, you may have to shell out around $45,000-$50,000 for a surrogacy program in the country.

No matter what country you looking forward to regarding your surrogacy aspirations, there are certain factors that need to be considered while choosing the best surrogacy agencies in China.

  • The surrogacy agency must focus on your needs and requirements from the surrogacy plan and then propose the required solution, right according to your needs and expectations.
  • The IVF expert you’re dealing with must provide you with the required consultation at every step of your journey
  • Both the agency and the expert need to come over with the required expertise and experience in the same domain, which would ensure a hassle-free treatment experience for the couple
  • The couple must be provided with a customized surrogacy program rightly suited to their surrogacy aspirations and parenthood dreams
  • The agency must also be providing end-to-end support to the couples in their course to every step of the surrogacy program

Why you must choose Become Parents?

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