Surrogacy in Georgia

surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia is legal for all heterosexual couples. But if you are looking for services like single-parent surrogacy, same sex surrogacy in Georgia, and gay surrogacy, then there are also many options available. Moreover, the country comes as one of the best alternatives for all the intended parents that cannot afford surrogacy programs in countries like the UK and the US. Additionally, if you are a couple that is looking forward to gestational surrogacy in Georgia, there are certain guidelines and regulations that you need to stay updated about beforehand.

Every state in Georgia comes forward with its respective legislation regarding surrogacy and surrogate houses in Georgia. This is where every couple must check through the guidelines and instructions of these states before proceeding with any surrogacy treatment in Georgia within the legal territories of the country. We are the best surrogacy center in Georgia.

Surrogacy laws in Georgia

Surrogacy clinic in Georgia

Georgia doesn’t have any pre-defined surrogacy laws and every state comes out with its own unique legislation in the same respect. So, you always need to get on board with the most ethical and affordable surrogacy agency in Georgia that can help you through the same process. Still, the surrogacy programs in Georgia are only permitted for married or unmarried Heterosexual couples and that can say to be the only downside of seeking a surrogacy program here.

Detailed process regarding Surrogacy in Georgia

Even though surrogacy in Georgia depends on your respective surrogacy needs and requirements, and also your surrogacy clinics in Georgia. The standard surrogacy process within the state goes as follows:

  • The couples can look out for a surrogate mother via informal communication like social media or public forums or with the support of the best surrogacy clinic in Georgia.
  • Once the surrogate mother has been finalized, she, along with a couple, needs to go through a detailed list of diagnoses and tests to check and analyze their physical and mental health.

Surrogacy agency in Georgia

  • Once the screening process is concluded, the couple and surrogate mother needs to sign a legal agreement to tackle all the dispute, responsibilities, terms, and condition regarding the surrogacy program.
  • After the conclusion of the legal process, the embryo transfer process will undergo the IVF treatment conducted in a medical facility by surrogacy agencies in Georgia. Hereby, the embryo would be implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb under the guidance and supervision of a professional IVF expert in any best surrogacy clinic in Georgia.
  • Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the couples need to file for parental custody of the future child with the help of a legal attorney. They further need to furnish all the required documents and details in the same respect.
  • As the couples get parental custody of the child they can now fly back to their home country with the child after its birth

Surrogacy cost in Georgia

surrogacy cost in GeorgiaSurrogacy cost in Georgia majorly depends on the fact whether the couples are taking care of the entire process on their own or dealing with any surrogacy agency in Georgia. So, just in case you are a couple that has decided to go through with the whole process yourself, the overall expenses for gestational surrogacy in Georgia would come in between $60,000-$75,000.

Still, after looking into all the elements and components of the surrogacy process,  it is not recommended for the couple to look through a surrogacy arrangement in Georgia without consulting with any surrogacy center.

There are many surrogacy agencies that come with all the required expertise and experience in handling the disputes, responsibilities, and other aspects involved in a surrogacy procedure, and also who provide legal and ethical surrogacy in Georgia.

Moreover, they can deal with all the legal proceedings involved during the entire surrogacy journey. We will facilitate your journey through a seamless and stress-free process based on our experience and expertise, from the moment you find the best surrogate to the moment the baby is born.

Why choosing surrogacy in Georgia is beneficial for couples?

  • surrogacy cost in GeorgiaSurrogacy in Georgia is highly supported and assisted by the existing legal framework of the country. Moreover, the medical services and expertise are quite affordable in comparison to rest of the Europe.
  • The surrogate mothers in Georgia come from humble backgrounds but still live in clean and hygienic surroundings.
  • On the other side, couples can easily find out Caucasian donors in Georgia.
  • Genetic testing is also allowed during the IVF process but couples are not permitted to use it for the gender selection process.
  • The couples need not submit their marriage certificate for the agreement until the birth of the baby and also need not justify their reason for going out with the surrogacy program.
  • They are also not required to travel to Georgia to sign the surrogacy agreement with any surrogacy centers in Georgia. So, if you are a couple looking for gestational surrogacy in Georgia, you just need to mark an email to the surrogacy center in Georgia staff while giving them the power to sign an agreement on your behalf. This way, you can save some good time, money, and effort that would have been spent on managing the logistics.

surrogacy clinic in Georgia

surrogacy in Georgia

surrogacy agency in Georgia

Why you must opt to Become parents for surrogacy in Georgia?

With more than 13 years of experience on our back, we can proudly call ourselves the best surrogacy agency in Georgia. We have further ensured our global outreach to countries like India, Kenya, Ukraine, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Cambodia, and Canada.

Besides, we have partnered with some of the best consultants and IVF clinics within these countries in order to provide you with the best medical support and assistance during every step of your surrogacy journey. Contact one of our customer support executives today and will put our best efforts through to guide you towards your surrogacy aspirations!