The surrogacy cost in Georgia is much lower than in other major countries in Europe. Well, this is why it is highly deemed as a surrogacy haven for most of the intended parents from the USA and UK. Now, as you are analyzing surrogacy cost in Georgia, you must first take a sneak peek into the legal ramifications regarding surrogacy in the country.

Surrogacy is made legal in Georgia in 1997. The legality of the process is not particularly covered by any legislation in Georgia.

surrogacy cost in Georgia

According to Georgian legislation, surrogacy is a legitimate arrangement. Additionally, it is feasible to locate inexpensive surrogacy programs while getting along with our professional experts at Become Parents.

Is surrogacy legal in Georgia?

cost of surrogacy in Georgia

Article 144 in Georgian law addresses surrogacy. Donation of sperm and eggs is likewise permitted, as stated in article 144. If the intended parents do not want to meet the donor, the identity of the sperm or egg donor might be kept a secret from them.

Moreover, the intended parents will be recognized as the child’s legal parents after its birth. Within 24 hours of the delivery, the birth certificate will be issued in the names of the intending parents.

In addition, the surrogate will not be accorded any parental authority over the kid and won’t be acknowledged as the child’s biological mother.

The other factors that should be considered are:

  • After the kid is born, the birth certificate must be issued within 24 hours.
  • The child’s birth certificate bears the name of the intended parent.
  • The surrogate’s permission is not necessary for the intended parents to be listed as the child’s legal parents.

How much surrogacy Cost in Georgia?

Georgia is a nation that is situated at the intersection of West Asia and Eastern Europe. The capital and largest city of the nation is Tbilisi, often spelled Tiflis. The country is also a member of the Council of Europe and the United Nations, among other international organizations.

That said, most of the intended parents from countries like India, the UK, the USA, and CANADA come to Georgia given its high-class medical facilities at a really low cost.

surrogacy agency cost in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia is low in comparison to other developed nations and this comes as one of the biggest reasons for thousands of child-seeking parents visiting this nation every year.

Once the surrogate signs a contract with the intended parents, she will agree in the same regard. The contract would include the following:

  • Payment to the surrogate
  • How parental rights will be obtained legally
  • Interaction between parties throughout pregnancy.

It is necessary to draft an agreement that takes into account the rights and interests of those involved. After you have approved the agreement and both parties have signed it, the medical procedure may start. The cost of surrogacy in Georgia would depend on the type of surrogacy program opted for by the intended parents.

For instance, gestational surrogacy involves the intended parents’ embryo being transferred to the surrogate, whereas conventional surrogacy involves the use of IUI. IVF is hence necessary to achieve this. The clinic will determine whether you are pregnant after the IUI or embryo transfer. For the remainder of her pregnancy, the surrogate will also work with the local obstetrician.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, parents must take the necessary legal precautions to safeguard their parental rights.

Why the cost of surrogacy in Georgia is lower?

Surrogacy cost in Georgia is quite low given the presence of the following elements and aspects:

  • Availability of low-cost surrogacy in Georgia and low cost surrogates.
  • IVF is substantially less expensive.
  • Prenatal care and childbirth have reasonable costs.
  • Georgia has made commercial surrogacy lawful, thus there is no need for parentage or court orders, among other legal fees.
  • Even the cost of surrogacy with a family member is about 50% cheaper than that in other countries
  • There is no waiting list for egg donors or surrogates; therefore there is no extra charge to get ahead.

surrogacy cost in Georgia

Determining the overall surrogacy cost in Georgia is particularly challenging because surrogacy costs vary from state to state. The intended parents’ circumstances and a decision will further determine the overall surrogacy in Georgia cost.

Now, if we look at an estimated figure, surrogacy cost would come in between $35,000 and $60,000. The same cost will change depending on many circumstances and factors.

For instance, a separate procedure will be carried out in the event of sperm or egg donation, which would incur an additional surrogacy cost for Georgia.

Similar to this, you will be responsible for paying for each further IVF cycle if the first one is unsuccessful. When you use a surrogacy agency, the cost of surrogacy in Georgia would come to around $4,500. Additional expenditures including those for the surrogate’s preparatory medications, legal fees, meal allowance, and other process-related costs should also be taken into account.

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