Surrogacy and how much Gestational surrogacy costs

gestational surrogacyGestational surrogacy is kind of a Surrogacy arrangement where the Surrogate mother isn’t genetically related to the child she is giving birth to. Additionally, the creation and development of the embryo come while using the In vitro fertilization (IVF) process with the help of eggs and sperm derived from the intended parents or donors, and then getting placed in the uterus of the Surrogate Mother.

Moreover, one or both of the Intended parents have a biological connection with the child in this kind of surrogacy arrangement and the Surrogate mother isn’t related to the child genetically. This is why it has been considered the most preferred Surrogacy arrangement around the world with less number of Disputes. For many parents, the joy of raising a child is priceless — but in surrogacy, a number of professionals and services are required to make that happen. This causes many intended parents to ask, “How much does surrogacy cost?”

So overall surrogacy cost depends on three factors- surrogacy agency fee, surrogate expenses, and fertility medical costs

How does the Process of Gestational surrogacy works?

Although there are a number of claims and definitions about Gestational surrogacy doing rounds on the Internet, the process generally involves locating a Surrogate, getting all the required legal contracts on board, and finally getting ahead with the process of embryos transfer to the uterus of the Surrogate mother.

Moreover, it’s all up to the Intended parents whether they would like to go ahead with the process on their own while seeking assistance from an attorney specializing in assisted reproductive law. Still, most people around prefer to deal with a Surrogate agency that can not only help them in getting a Good surrogate on board but provide all kinds of legal and advisory services alongside.

The Procedure then sees both the intended parents dealing with their respective attorneys in order to seek all support and assistance while dealing with the attached legal risks and responsibilities which also include the Surrogate’s compensation. The parties would then enter into a legal contract binding both the parties to agree with the mentioned terms and initiate their dealing with an IVF center or specialist to further start with the embryo transfer process. Moreover, the embryo would then be created, developed, and transferred into the uterus of the Surrogate mother by any of the following means.

  • Retrieving the eggs and sperm from the intended parents and both the Intended parents here would be considered as the Biological parents of the Child.
  • Getting the Sperm of the intended father mixed with the Donated egg to be further placed in the uterus of the Surrogate mother.
  • Mixing the Egg of the Intended mother with the Donated Sperm and getting it developed further
  • Getting both the Donated sperm and egg mixture to be further positioned in the surrogate mother’s uterus. Here, neither of the Intended parents would be related to the Child.
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