Just like surrogacy, IVF in Australia is also a state subject and various laws and regulations laid down by the respective state would be governing this ART alternative. So, before putting a step forward in the same direction, we would recommend you connect with the medical professionals at Become Parents.

With all the right expertise and experience by our side, we have helped and supported thousands of couples and individuals over the past 15 years in reaching their parenthood goals. Down below, we list some of the key aspects and procedures involved in the treatment of IVF in Australia.

IVF treatment in Australia

How IVF in Australia works?

Getting the required tests and diagnosis

It all starts with an initial consultation with our partner IVF clinics in Australia. Afterward, the experts will make you undergo a list of tests and diagnoses to confirm your respective infertility issue. Once the test results are obtained, they will recommend you the most appropriate treatment option.

Stimulation of hormones

Your hormone stimulation treatment will begin on the second or third day of your menstrual cycle. This indicates that you will begin taking medicine to encourage your follicles to release a number of eggs. Until the eggs reach a specific size, the experts from IVF clinic in Australia will continue the process. Some women experience this within 8 days, while others require more time.

You’ll administer a trigger injection once the eggs reach a specific size. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG hormone, is included in the injection and causes your ovary to mature and release an egg.

Eggs retrieval

IVF clinic in AustraliaYour eggs will be retrieved by the experts in further process of IVF in Australia either in a procedure room or operation room 34–36 hours following the trigger injection.

Afterward, your fertility specialist will make use of an ultrasound procedure. To retrieve the eggs, the small needle will pass through your vaginal wall and into the follicles. On the other side, you will have a laparoscopic surgery appointment if the fertility expert from IVF clinic in Australia cannot access your follicles.

Getting the Semen sample

On the day of the egg collection, if you are utilizing your partner’s fresh sperm, he will be required to provide a sample of his semen. When retrieving sperm from the ejaculate is not possible, a surgical procedure is carried out during the treatment process of IVF in Australia to remove sperm from the testicles.

Moreover, you may use frozen donor sperm in specific situations, such as when you’re single or in a same-sex relationship.

Starting the fertilization process

Healthy sperm and eggs are combined in a dish and cultured overnight during conventional IVF. Moreover, your fertility physician may occasionally advise ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, as the sort of procedure. On the other side, this occurs when each mature egg is fertilized by a single healthy sperm. Besides, when sperm quality is poor, ICSI is frequently employed.

Embryo transfer process

Embryo transfer processYour fertility doctor will implant an embryo into the uterus of the patient undergoing treatment three to five days following egg extraction. Furthermore, there is a low chance of multiple embryos being transferred during this process.

On the other side, your fertility physician may postpone a transfer in specific circumstances. Depending on your unique situation, your surplus of good-quality embryos will then be frozen and brought in the next month or at a later date.

Pregnancy confirmation

Your fertility expert must wait two weeks after the embryo transfer before conducting a pregnancy test. Because a blood test is more accurate than a home pregnancy test, this test is recommended.

When would you need IVF in Australia?

In vitro fertilization may be an option if you are having infertility problems. If any of the following situations occur, IVF might be right for you:

  • You have obstructed ovary tubes
  • You don’t ovulate normally,
  • Your sperm mobility is low
  • You are a male with a very low sperm count,
  • You have endometriosis or PCOS. You have fibroids, you are a woman with poor egg counts,
  • Your sperm’s aberrant size and shape
  • inconsistent ovulation

IVF cost in Australia

Approximately, the IVF treatment costs in Australia would make you pay between $30000-$45000. Still, that would depend on factors like the number of IVF attempts to achieve conception, medications used, egg and sperm donors used, and so on.

At Become parents, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics in Australia to bring you the best treatment options. That way, you can always stay ensured of receiving top-notch treatment without shelling out big money from your pocket for IVF costs in Australia.

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