Surrogacy laws in Ukraine

surrogacy laws in UkraineRight within a short period of time, Ukraine has become one of the most popular surrogacy locations that foreign intended parents opt for.

The nation has the top egg donation organizations, surrogate mother organizations, and surrogacy facilities to support the surrogacy process. Since many local women participate in the process, surrogacy cases are successfully handled without any delay or danger.

On the other side, finding a sperm or egg donor in Ukraine is very simple for foreign intended parents as donor sperm and eggs are readily available and reasonably priced.

The country’s surrogacy facilities are all affiliated with a number of reliable egg and sperm donors who promptly meet the requirements.

Ukraine has a high standard of living, and all of the surrogate mothers employed here are accustomed to living in a hygienic and secure setting. Here all gestational carriers are licensed professionals who are fully aware of their obligations.

Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Surrogacy laws in UkraineAccording to surrogacy laws in Ukraine, surrogacy is properly regulated by surrogacy contracts. Moreover, the intended parents of the child receive all of their rights immediately after birth, according to the country’s surrogacy law. Besides, the intended parent’s names are listed as the child’s sole legal parents on the birth certificate, issued by the authorities. Moreover, after giving birth, the surrogate mother is not permitted to exercise any control over the child.

Important Elements of Ukraine Surrogacy Law

After the baby is born, the surrogacy mediator’s obligations continue. In actuality, the surrogacy agency’s responsibility increases after the baby is born. Besides, to transfer the child to the intended parents at this time, you need to follow all applicable legal procedures.

In many countries, the surrogate mother is regarded as the legal guardian of the child conceived through a surrogacy arrangement.

Later, the intended parents receive the authority through court documentation. In fact, Ukraine has a slow-moving bureaucratic legal system that deals with surrogacy laws in Ukraine within the structure of a highly bureaucratic nation.

On the other side, it’s interesting that the nation requires that the intended parents’ marriage license and a number of other documents be attested by government officials from the nation in which they were wed. In the event that the intended parents have married citizens of a country other than their own, it will be challenging for them to arrange the necessary permission documents. This is where many people decide to ignore the legal complexities and seek the assistance of unsuitable agents who lead them astray during the process.

This is where commit the biggest mistake of their lives by failing to obtain the necessary legal documentation to bring the infant back to their home country. Unauthorized agents take advantage of the intended parents’ predicament by making false promises to them. Without proper documentation, it becomes much more challenging for the intended parents to obtain an illegal birth certificate for their surrogate child.

For their own benefit, it is imperative that intended parents complete the process as per surrogacy law in Ukraine and obtain the following paperwork:

  • A clinic application that attests to your knowledge of services available only at the clinic.
  • Notarized agreements between the intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • Passport copies, a marriage certificate with the Apostille stamp, and a Power of Attorney (POA) notarized with the surrogate mother’s and the Clinic’s stamps.
  • Medical records or surrogacy indications demonstrating the patient’s suitability for the Ukrainian surrogacy program

surrogacy in Ukraine

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