Procuring the appropriate knowledge and information regarding surrogacy cost in Russia is quite crucial. Low cost surrogacy in Russia, along with its top-notch medical support system, makes this country a perfect destination for numerous surrogacy-seeking couples and individuals around the world. Still, being an intended parent, you need to be very careful during your surrogacy journey and stay wary of falling for cheap and bogus surrogacy options in the country.

Surrogacy cost in Russia is approximately USD 35,000-50,000 (in which the intended couple will get IVF-ICSI treatment and all the steps included all through the way of the couple’s surrogacy). Surrogacy is highly reasonable in Russia, and Intended Parents from western nations choose Russia to get fertility treatment.

surrogacy cost in Russia

How much does surrogacy cost in Russia?

The cost of surrogacy in Russia depends on a list of factors like the type of surrogacy program, surrogate mother cost, the number of IVF cycles attempted, IVF medications cost, and so on. Because Russian surrogacy is so inexpensive, people from more developed countries travel there to realize their dreams of becoming parents.

That said, Russian surrogacy is the most affordable alternative, with costs ranging from USD 35,000 to USD 50,000. On the other side, the low cost surrogacy in Russia is one factor that drives patients from other countries to choose Russia as their surrogacy destination.

That said, you must associate with a reputed and trusted surrogacy agency in Russia like Become Parents which can bring the most affordable, yet ethical options to your service. At Become Parents, we work with highly skilled fertility doctors who have years of experience providing excellent surrogacy care.

Types of surrogacy available in Russia

There are essentially two surrogacy methods available in Russia, and both are available at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Russia. Patients can pick any method of surrogacy and receive the best reproductive care at our partner IVF centre in Russia. There, fertility specialists meticulously assess the patient’s health before recommending the best course of action at a reasonable cost.

Traditional Surrogacy

In a traditional kind of surrogacy, the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the intended father’s or a sperm donor’s sperm, which causes the surrogate to get pregnant. She carries the pregnancy to term and gives birth to the child after completing the treatment process.

Due to the fact that it is impossible to have a child that is genetically related, many individuals do not believe that this procedure is beneficial. As the sperm from the intended father was used in the artificial insemination procedure, the father has genetic ties to the child.

low cost surrogacy in RussiaGestational surrogacy

The sperm and eggs derived from the intended parents are combined in a lab culture dish during the IVF procedure. Afterwards, an embryo develops as a result of fertilization occurs. Furthermore, the embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb, and she subsequently gets tested for pregnancy after a period of three weeks.

Afterwards, the surrogate gives birth to the baby for the intended parents after carrying it for them for nine months, at which time she relinquishes all parental rights. This is where gestational surrogacy is quite popular among the intended parents given the probability of a genetic connection between the child and the intended parents.

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