Before heading on with any further details regarding surrogacy cost in Bangkok, Intended parents must know that surrogacy in Bangkok is only permitted for local Thai married heterosexual couples as of now. So, if you are an international parent seeking the best surrogacy option at the most appropriate cost of surrogacy in Bangkok, you may opt for other alternatives like surrogacy in Kenya, Surrogacy in Georgia, Surrogacy in Argentina, and so on.

surrogacy cost in Bangkok

How surrogacy process works in Bangkok?

The infertile couple chooses a surrogate mother to bear the pregnancy for them as they are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Moreover, they cannot refuse to accept custody of the child once it is delivered to them, and the surrogate mother must promise to transfer the child’s rights to them. It is a legal arrangement where the parties involved in the process agree on the possibility of delivering and taking custody of the baby.

It is the finest fertility treatment choice because it allows for the possibility of having a genetically related child and spares the intended parents from going through the normal pregnancy process. The intending parents choose a surrogate mother who consents to carry a pregnancy in their place and deliver the child to them when the time is right as part of the procedure.

The fact that the patients are bound by an agreement or contract and cannot dispute their involvement in the procedure at any point during therapy makes it transparent. For couples looking for fertility therapy that will unquestionably aid them in realizing their dream of parenting but who have not had the necessary outcomes from other therapies, it is a potential alternative. We offer low cost surrogacy in Bangkok.

At Become Parents, we are one of the best surrogacy agencies in Bangkok offering customized surrogacy programs at the best possible surrogacy cost in Bangkok. We are a renowned medical tourism company with top fertility specialists and around two decades of expertise in providing people with the best surrogacy care.

They worked closely with our team to make sure that our patients got the best care possible and went home with a child in their arms. Besides, our staff makes sure to give the finest care possible throughout the surrogacy process.

Customized surrogacy arrangements at affordable surrogacy cost in Bangkok

Become Parents comes as the finest choice for those looking to receive the highest quality surrogacy care at the most affordable rates. We provide both gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy, which are the two basic surrogacy procedures at a low cost surrogacy in Bangkok.

Traditional Surrogacy: In a traditional surrogacy arrangement, a woman who is the surrogate mother uses artificial insemination to become pregnant. The intended father’s sperm are used for insemination, establishing the father’s biological relationship to the child.

This is a less popular choice for couples because it excludes the advantage of having genetic ties to the child conceived

surrogacy cost in thailand

with the help of the surrogate mother. Due to the sperms used in the insemination procedure, the child does, nonetheless, acquire a biological connection to the father.

surrogacy in Bangkok

Gestational Surrogacy: It offers the benefit of sharing genetic ties with the child, making it a more desirable surrogacy procedure. When using a gestational surrogate, the intending parents must go through IVF, in which their sperm and eggs are harvested and combined in a lab.

A fertilized embryo is put within the surrogate mother’s uterus as a result of the combination. The surrogate then becomes pregnant,

brings the child to term, and gives birth to the child for the intended parents.

Due to the advantage of having a biologically related child, this sort of surrogacy is more frequently used than traditional surrogacy. If other reproductive methods, such as IVF, did not help you achieve the desired results, surrogacy is an alternative for you. For individuals or couples who are unable to adopt a child for a variety of reasons, it is a feasible choice. Other causes include female uterine problems, females who have had hysterectomies, or females who are in danger of miscarrying.

How much surrogacy cost in Thailand?

The cost of surrogacy in Bangkok depends on a list of factors like the number of IVF cycles involved, medications, egg or sperm donors used, and so on. Moreover, once you connect with one of our coordinators, we will take you through the most ethical and affordable surrogacy options.

How we can help?

At Become Parents, we will make available the most affordable and least expensive surrogacy procedure for you. Being the most experienced and renowned surrogacy agency in Bangkok, we further offer the best fertility procedures at competitive prices.

Moreover, we have further partnered with some of the best fertility doctors who make sure that patients undergo successful surrogacy treatment without any hassles. Patients from all over the world select Become parents for surrogacy treatment mostly due to the affordable cost of surrogacy in Thailand and high-quality care.

surrogacy cost in Bangkok

Surrogacy in Thailand

On the other side, surrogacy in Bangkok cost may fall between USD 30,000 to USD 50,000 but may exceed this range to meet the patient’s various needs. With the assistance of highly qualified fertility doctors, this is the greatest price range you can find for surrogacy in Thailand.

Additionally, we provide our patients with the option to select a healthy surrogate from a large database. Our surrogates are selected via a careful screening process and have experience giving birth to at least one child.

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