If you intended to start with Surrogacy in Argentina, you must first get familiar with the surrogacy laws in Argentina. Surrogacy is neither permitted nor banned in this part of the world. So, technically, surrogacy contracts are not enforceable in the eyes of the law.

After giving birth, the expectant mother must renounce her parental rights and acknowledge one of the intended fathers as the child’s legal parent. The intended father’s spouse can then adopt the kid while abiding by surrogacy legislation in Argentina.

surrogacy laws in Argentina

Is Surrogacy legal in Argentina?

As mentioned earlier, Surrogacy is neither banned nor permitted in this country. In Argentina, assisted reproductive technologies have been in use for many years. The nation is home to some of the most cutting-edge fertility clinics in the world. Both couples and individuals can benefit from these alternatives and practices. Gamete donation is often done for charitable reasons in order to guarantee secrecy and benefit to the recipient.

The “National Law on Assisted Fertilization,” also referred to as Law 26,862, was passed by Congress on June 25, 2013, and the President signed it into law the following day. As part of a national public-order norm that permits and regulates the broadest variety of alternatives for fertilization and implantation, cryopreservation of genetic material and embryos is permitted and regulated.

A final objective is to guarantee “full access to medically assisted reproductive procedures and techniques,” which are described in Article 1 as “procedures and techniques performed with medical assistance for the achievement of pregnancy,” and include “low and high complexity techniques, whether or not they include the donation of gametes and/or embryos” (art. 2).

Surrogacy laws in Argentina specify that only licensed health facilities that adhere to council criteria may perform procedures. Argentina is one of the few countries having laws that support IVF for its population, making it a unique nation. One in six couples in the nation struggle with infertility, according to the advocacy groups that advocated for the law’s passage three years ago.

Working with Become Parents, a highly recognized surrogacy agency in Argentina, makes it possible for you to realize your parenthood dreams in the most ethical and affordable manner. In addition, the acceptability of homosexual families has made it simpler for gay couples to start families. In order to allow her partner to adopt the child and acknowledge the paternity of one of the parents, a woman who is expecting must give up her parental rights after the child is born. The same legal safeguards apply to heterosexual and homosexual partners.

Other Legal Complications involved

Surrogacy stands as unregulated in Argentina. So, it is highly likely that you may need the required assistance from a legal professional. That said, connecting with Become parents can make it really easy and simple for you to go ahead.

The Argentine law on in vitro fertilization (IVF) states that “a single registry in which all health establishments authorized to carry out procedures must be registered techniques of medically assisted reproduction” (art. 3),

surrogacy laws in Argentina

which includes “medical establishments where gamete and/or embryo-receiving banks operate,” among other things as specified by the law.

In layman’s words, medically assisted reproductive procedures and treatments are legal in Argentina for anyone above the age of 18 who has signed an informed permission form.

Even homosexual couples can achieve their parental ambitions with the assistance and support of a reputable surrogacy clinic in Argentina, such as Become Parents. Due to this agreement, the surrogate mother in Argentina must relinquish her parental rights after the baby is born in order for one of the intended parents to adopt the child.

What Intended parents need to know about Surrogacy laws in Argentina?

surrogacy in Argentina

Surrogacy was proposed to be legalized in the Chamber of Deputies in August 2011 if specific requirements were met. A surrogacy law in Argentina that also safeguards assisted reproduction, which is already governed, should be implemented to ensure the safety of all parties involved, including the intended parents, the surrogate mother, and the kid.

However, connecting with the best and most suitable surrogacy agencies in Argentina is very important.

Without it, you run the risk of getting into the wrong hands and running into legal problems. But with the appropriate ones, like Become Parents, you can simply take benefit out of the country’s cutting-edge medical facilities and helpful fertility legislation.

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