LGBT surrogacy in Colombia

Gay surrogacy in ColombiaGay surrogacy in Colombia is quite an easier task as compared to other countries around the world. While the constitution allows surrogacy for everyone, regardless of their sexual preferences, one can easily go by their child-seeking aspirations without any issues. Still, given the number of procedures and minor challenges during the same process, one needs to keep certain things in mind beforehand. Same sex surrogacy in Colombia is possible because of Article 43 of the National Constitution of Colombia.

Legal considerations during Gay surrogacy process in Colombia

Surrogacy is available for everyone, including surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia. The surrogate mother is not permitted to use her eggs during surrogacy in Colombia, which only permits gestational surrogacy as of now. As a result, the intended parents must make arrangements for a sperm or egg donor to go by their surrogacy aspirations. According to Colombian law, at least one of the intended parents must be related to the child genetically for the arrangement to be valid.

On the other side, finding a surrogate mother in Colombia is generally simple and easy because the Colombian constitution protects people from all types of discrimination.

Moreover, prospective parents should be aware that in 2016, Colombia’s Constitutional Court approved same-sex unions. As a result, according to sentence SU-214, all judges and notaries are now required to carry out the arrangement in the same manner as they are required to do for heterosexual couples. We can therefore claim that Colombia is a nation where gay and straight couples can successfully pursue surrogacy.

Still finding a surrogate mother for Gay Surrogacy in Colombia will demand higher costs and further legal complications in the process. Hence, connecting with a trusted surrogacy agency is always the right idea.

Surrogacy for same sex in Colombia is allowed, It is one of the few countries where gay surrogacy is legal and safe. Same-sex couples may pursue surrogacy for same sex in Colombia as long as at least one parent is genetically related to the baby.

Other considerations regarding surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia

If you’re an intended parent considering surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia, there are some important facts you need to be aware of. In a landmark decision from 2015, the Colombian Constitutional Court recognized the equality of same-sex relationships and authorized homosexual surrogacy. Additionally, a court determined that it was improper to prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children.

Additionally, Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution grants foreigners the same civic protections and rights as Colombian citizens. As a result, we can state that Colombian Surrogacy is legal for every couple, irrespective of their sexual orientation and that both Colombian and foreign parents may use it.

Colombia has some of the most progressive LGBT rights in Latin America, with comprehensive legal protections for people and families of all sexual orientations and inclinations. Moreover, same-sex couples are entitled to the same pension, social security benefits, and property rights as heterosexual couples, according to rulings made in 2007 and 2008 by a three-judge panel of the Constitutional Court.

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On the other side, discrimination based on sexual orientation was made illegal by Congress in 2011. However, in 2016, the Constitutional Court approved the legalization of same-gender unions.

Thanks to assisted reproductive technologies like surrogacy for gay couples, many same-sex couples in Colombia have been able to have children. Due to the unique needs of each person, we at become parents are able to provide highly ethical surrogacy services as well as completely customized treatment assistance.

This arrangement is available to any gay couple in Colombia who wishes to become parents through surrogacy. LGBTs’s can also opt for same sex surrogacy in Colombia under our surrogacy program, as long as they pass through specific medical tests and submit all legal requirements. From the selection, coordination, and screening of the Colombian surrogate mother for LGBT couples through the delivery of the child, we will help you at every stage of your surrogacy journey.

How does Gay Surrogacy in Colombia works?

Initial consultation

Gay Surrogacy in ColombiaThe first step would be to arrange a meeting with one of our coordinators, either in person or online. Moreover, the intended parents would talk about what they desired and anticipated from the Colombian surrogate mother in this situation.

The selection, coordination, screening, and matching of the surrogate mother in Colombia will then be carried out by our professionals in accordance with the specifications.

Conducting required tests and diagnosis

surrogacy clinic in ColombiaThe prospective parents would then get suggestions from our specialists about the necessary tests and examinations. This would enable them to identify any medical conditions that the parents might have passed on to the child through IVF. The Colombian surrogate mother would undergo the same examinations and diagnoses.

The process regarding surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia who are interested in surrogacy will begin once a surrogate mother has been chosen. After the testing and screening are complete, everyone involved in the procedure must sign a contract outlining their duties and responsibilities during the surrogacy process.

Starting the IVF procedure

We would begin the IVF process after the contract agreement was signed. Moreover, a fertility expert from one of our partner clinics would combine the intended parents’ sperm and eggs in a laboratory dish.

IVF in ColombiaMoreover, in Colombia, after the fertilized eggs have developed into embryos, one or two of them are implanted into the surrogate mother’s womb. Besides, testing will be done to determine whether the pregnancy has occurred after the embryo has been placed inside the uterus of the surrogate mother.

The Colombian surrogate mother would then carry the child to term under the close supervision of the medical staff at our partner clinics.

That said, pregnant women can use an online pregnancy monitoring service to keep track of their child’s development throughout the entire pregnancy (including ultrasounds, lab tests, psychological evaluations, and related work). As the due date approaches, we will then start making preparations to secure the required consent for child handover following birth.

Why you must connect with Become Parents?

At Become Parents, we have helped and supported numerous same-sex couples through our programs of LGBT surrogacy in Colombia. With our vast expertise in the industry, you can be sure that your specific surrogacy program will get the best care and support.

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