Surrogacy cost in UK is surely a key factor that would eventually decide whether or not you may proceed with your child-seeking aspirations in the country. While it’s a given that surrogacy doesn’t come cheap in this part of the planet, you need to be well aware of every legal and financial consideration in advance. Our agency offers low cost surrogacy in UK, affordable and much lower than surrogacy in other countries like the USA.

Should you mention surrogacy cost in UK in the Surrogacy agreement?

surrogacy in UKThe surrogacy agreement should contain as much information about anticipated surrogacy cost in UK as possible, including details on how payments will be made, when they will start, and when they will end. This will make budgeting easier for everyone and make it easier for IP(s) to keep track of payments. When the intended parent(s) requests a parental order, the family court will take the amount given to the surrogate into consideration. Moreover, the court process will be as straightforward as is practical if only reasonable expenses have been covered.

Despite the lack of a legal definition for “reasonable expenses,” the family court has since issued a significant number of parental orders. So, we can say that every case is different, and the specific facts of each case will determine what is reasonable in that situation. The court has generally recognized the following as expenses:

  • Reduced income of the surrogate
  • Loss of income for the surrogate’s spouse or partner
  • Extra daycare to support antenatal appointments, clinic visits, and pregnancy
  • help with cleaning to support pregnancy
  • Additional food and other dietary additions
  • Accommodations and travel before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as additional guidance or treatments to support pregnancy (whilst setting up the surrogacy arrangement, treatment, and in recovery)
  • Pregnancy-related costs of surrogacy in UK such as clothing, a brief period of recovery for the surrogate and her family, and unanticipated costs of the pregnancy and treatment

surrogacy cost in uk

The parties to a surrogacy agreement typically estimate their surrogacy cost UK in advance so that an agreed-upon sum for expenses can be specifically noted in their contract and the payments can, if necessary, be spread out over the course of the pregnancy.

As part of their court application for a parental order, the IP(s) will need to give specific information about the sum paid to the surrogate and its purpose. The court must also decide whether to retroactively “authorize” the extra payments in order to establish a parental order if it finds that the IP(s) have paid more than necessary expenses for the cost of surrogacy in UK. The child’s welfare will be the court’s top concern in doing this. If you are concerned, you might want to consider hiring legal representation.

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How much does Surrogacy cost in UK?

As you try to estimate the surrogacy cost in the UK, you need to consider a list of factors like the surrogate mother’s cost, the cost of medicines, the cost of IVF, and so on. Besides, you may also need to bring the following costs into the calculation.

IVF treatment cost

If conception occurs in a fertility clinic, there will be a cost to it (either through a host or a straight surrogate). Moreover, prices are likely to rise sharply if more fertility treatments are necessary. Moreover, if you use an egg or sperm donor, there will be extra costs associated with them, even if the donor is someone you know (a friend or family member)


Getting life insurance for the surrogate may be a good idea because, like any pregnancy, a surrogate pregnancy carries some risk. If not, you might want to purchase additional coverage even though it’s possible that your current policy already covers this.

Fees for the surrogacy agency in the UK

If you are working with one of the nonprofit organizations, plan for their fees and membership costs. These will vary based on the organization.

Legal costs

The court fee for your request for a parental order is £215 as of November 2017( Subject to change). Additionally, you might want to budget for legal advice and/or representation. The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the UK regulator, and the family court both recommend getting legal advice before beginning a surrogacy agreement, even though it is not required.

Furthermore, some UK clinics require it. Particularly in straightforward UK surrogacy situations, many parents defend themselves in applications for parental orders. Legal costs could range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand depending on the level of advice and assistance you need.

Other costs

Apart from the abovementioned cost of surrogacy in UK, you may also need to bring the accommodation and lodging cost for the intended parents into the picture.

How Become parents help you in getting the most affordable surrogacy plan?

surrogacy agency in UKWe know that surrogacy will come at some good cost. However, with the help of our experts and partner IVF clinics, we will customize the same plan right as per your budget limits. With our founder being a former IP, we understand the kind of stress and pressure you carry all along.

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