Surrogacy in Ukraine: How does it work?

surrogacy in ukraineUkraine is one of the most sought-after surrogacy hubs in Europe and although most people across the globe prefer to choose African countries for the same due to their cheap programs, Ukraine surrogacy has its own stature and some of the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine. Surrogacy services are typically provided by the fertility clinics that offer IVF (or sometimes separate Ukraine surrogacy agencies working closely with clinics).

The cost of IVF, egg donation, and other services like Ukraine surrogacy for gay couples, single-parent surrogacy, and gestational surrogacy services in Ukraine is significantly lower than in countries such as the United States, Australia, or Canada – offering services at prices 50-70% cheaper than in other countries.

Surrogacy agencies in Ukraine manage the surrogacy journey as a whole, including finding and screening surrogates (and egg donors), providing fertility treatment, providing care for the surrogate during the pregnancy/birth, and offering administration services for intended parents, including arranging travel, accommodation and some facilitation of documents and legal processes. Costs are typically packaged to include all these services and staged at milestones through your journey.

Key highlights of the Surrogacy Process in Ukraine

  • Commercial surrogacy is legal in Ukraine only for married heterosexuals who can be both locals and foreigners. On the other hand, surrogates are provided by any surrogacy agency in Ukraine.
  • Gender testing can be done in Ukraine but only for medical purposes and not gender selection purposes.
  • All the legal implications of the surrogacy arrangement are regulated as per the guidelines by the Family Code of Ukraine of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and for your guidance much best surrogacy center in Ukraine is available.
  • The same code confirms that if there’s an embryo created with IVF is transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother, the Intended parents would hereby be deemed as the legal parents.
  • The birth certificate of the child would mention the name of the Intended Parents and the surrogate mother would not have any legal rights to the born child.

Apart from all the above factors, there are other laws and regulations in place that determine who can become a surrogate mother, which surrogacy agency in Ukraine can offer IVF, Surrogacy solutions services, and other legal processes in regard to the registration of the Intended Parents and their baby.

Eligibility to seek the best Surrogacy in Ukraine

surrogacy cost in ukraineAll the Intended Parents (IPs) have to provide medical reports or documented confirmation from a doctor stating the need to proceed with a surrogate mother (SM). This Documented report could be either about various infertility issues with the Intended parent or previous unsuccessful infertility treatment. Moreover, the doctor at the Ukraine surrogacy clinic needs to confirm one of the following facts in order to let the Intended parents proceed with the surrogacy process.

  • Absence of a Womb with the Intended Mother
  • Uterus deformation, which generally makes pregnancy and delivery impossible
  • Womb cavity which is incurable
  • Somatic diseases are known to have hazardous impacts in case the women carry pregnancy during the same
  • Minimum of 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts with high-quality embryo

Who can be treated with Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy agency in UkraineIt can be done for married couples with fertility problems with the help of any best surrogacy clinics in Ukraine of your choice. Single men or women, heterosexual partners, and same-sex marriages can not do the surrogacy process. Surrogacy is usually an option for a potential mother who has had her uterus removed but still has ovaries. She can provide the eggs to make a baby but has no womb to carry a child. Using her eggs and in vitro fertilization technology (IVF) she can find a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy (her own genetic child).

However, if an intended mother does not have eggs of good quality, the couple may use an Egg donor in Ukraine. Become Parents is one of the best surrogacy agencies providing surrogacy treatment. Contact our surrogacy clinic if you want to know more about Ukraine surrogacy prices, costs, Ukrainian law, etc. We provide you with complete guidance about each and every step.

What does surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

The price that future parents will have to pay in order to have a child through surrogacy in Ukraine is between 23,000 dollars and 40,000 dollars approximately. It also depends on the price of the best surrogacy clinic in Ukraine, you choose. The cheapest surrogacy cost is available at many top and best surrogacy Ukraine centres.

The difference in the budget will depend mainly on whether or not the couple needs an egg donation. It also depends on the surrogacy program chosen.

surrogacy agency cost in Canada

The most economical option includes only one attempt and the use of one’s own eggs with the help of renowned surrogacy clinics. On the other hand, the most expensive programs guarantee pregnancy and for this reason, the surrogacy agency in Ukraine includes egg donation, PGD, and the number of transfers necessary to achieve pregnancy for the pregnant woman. The prices shown are indicative and may change depending on the clinic and circumstances.