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Surrogacy has come up as the best alternative to those people who couldn’t conceive or either doesn’t want to conceive due to their busy Lifestyle schedules and other random reasons. A surrogate carries the child of the Intended parents for the next nine months and in return she gets compensated for the same in Monetary or other terms by the Intended parents.

On the other hand, International Surrogacy is a Surrogacy arrangement where the Surrogate resides in a different country. The Surrogacy arrangement here can be either altruistic or a commercial arrangement. An Altruistic Surrogacy is an arrangement where the Surrogate mother is being compensated for her services to the Intended Parents in regards to the Medical and legal expenses. She is not going to make any profit in this type of arrangement.

On the other hand, the Commercial surrogacy is an arrangement where the Surrogate mother makes some good profit after covering all the Medical and Legal expenses.

Issues that may come over during the International Surrogacy Arrangement

  • The Intended parents generally face a lot of issues while attaining the legal parenthood for their child.
  • Eventually the child doesn’t have Legal parents and thus termed as Stateless
  • Further process of getting the Legal parenthood and Immigration process for the Stateless child.
  • Chances of Criminal offence during the whole process of Surrogacy while including a Surrogate from a different Country.

Although most of the people enter into a Surrogacy Arrangement with Foreign Surrogate in good faith, it’s the situation after the birth of the child which gets complicated most of the times. That’s where selection of a Good Surrogacy Agency which is capable of taking care of International Surrogacy arrangements proves crucial.

Why Become Parents is Best Surrogacy agency to go for International Surrogacy arrangements?

At Become Parents, we have partnered with a number of Top notch Surrogacy agencies around the world to bring only the best and already screened surrogates on board. We always ensure that our Surrogates share the same ethical, moral and social values to keep them on par with the Intended parents and their Requirements.


‘Become Parents’ is a leading ‘Ethical Surrogacy Agency’ based in Mumbai, India. Formed in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia, it has been helping desirous couples and to date has aided more than 500 couples realize their dreams.

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