Looking into #1 Gay Surrogacy in Kenya?

Yes, Gay Surrogacy is Kenya is legal and affordable. Most couples around the world who want to have a child through surrogacy for any unfortunate reason choose Kenya because it has affordable surrogacy programs and good medical facilities, and the most important part is that it is legal in Kenya. Not only Gay Surrogacy in Kenya, but Kenya is popular for any LGBTQIA+, i.e., Surrogacy for Same Sex in Kenya, etc.

gay surrogacy in Kenya

However, if you are interested in Gay Surrogacy in Kenya, there are a few things you should be aware of before beginning your search. Kenya is a country with no surrogacy regulations. So, keeping that in mind, you must always stay in the right hands while proceeding with your surrogacy aspirations in the country, and who better than Become Parents, who has international experience and is well versed in all Surrogacy Steps in Kenya?

Besides, it is always beneficial to stay updated and informed during every step of your journey related to the Gay Surrogacy in Kenya. So, it’s better to hire Become Parents, which will guide you from start to finish in achieving your parenthood journey. Surrogacy for Same Sex in Kenya is legal, and even people who fall under the category LGBTQIA+ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual people collectively) can choose Kenya as their preferred destination to get their dreams of parenthood fulfilled.

What is surrogacy, and where can you find Same Sex Surrogacy in Kenya?

Surrogacy is a kind of third-party reproduction, or, in simple terms, when a woman consents to carry a pregnancy for an intended couple or single parent who cannot conceive for medical reasons, or for those who are a gay couple. It can be categorised mainly into Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy.

  • Traditional Surrogacy:  In this, the surrogate doubles as the egg donor and is the biological mother of the baby she is carrying. The embryos are created using sperm from the intended father or a donor in a process called IUI (intrauterine insemination). Though, traditional surrogacy is less of a common thing nowadays due to some complexities whether legal or emotional.


  • Gestational Surrogacy: It is a process in which one person carries a fetus through pregnancy and gives birth to a baby for another person or couple who did not provide the egg used in conception. This is more popular for Gay Couples as they can share the genetic connection with a child or children, and what better place than Kenya? And what better than Become Parents for Surrogacy for Same Sex in Kenya.

Is Gay Surrogacy in Kenya legal?

Surrogacy is not subject to any particular laws or restrictions regarding Same Sex Surrogacy in Kenya. Still, the Kenya Family Act lets everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation is, legally start a family. That is why it is one of the favorite destinations for people who are interested in Surrogacy, especially Same Sex Surrogacy in Kenya.

So, we may conclude that Same Sex Surrogacy in Kenya or Single-man Surrogacy in Kenya is not prohibited. Still, because some people and communities are homophobic, gay couples who are thinking about surrogacy should be extra careful and pay close attention.

But it is advisable that you partner with the top surrogacy agency in Kenya so that they can support you at every stage of your surrogacy journey. Also, if you and your partner are both gay, we recommend that you talk to our coordinator about the process and rules now. The consultation will not cost you a penny. Our coordinator can better help you understand the whole process and cleaer any doubts; whether rules for Surrogacy for Same Sex in Kenya, or you want to understand IUI treatment, IVF and fertility solutions, etc.

The couples are also told not to talk about their plans to use a surrogate with friends or family who live nearby. This way, you can always make sure that the whole surrogacy process is as easy and private as it needs to be.

Getting started with Surrogacy for Same Sex in Kenya

gay surrogacy cost in Kenya

Even though you already have all the doubts and concerns about gay surrogacy in Kenya, keeping a few things in mind might make the whole process easier for you. Make contact with the best and most practical surrogacy agency so they can assist you from beginning to conclusion.

The intended parents are the kid’s legal parents even before the child is born, according to the nation’s family laws.

Most couples choose this nation over nations like the UK, Canada, and the USA because of its affordable plan for Same Sex Surrogacy in Kenya and low medical support costs.

Due to a lack of legal regulations and rules in Kenya, gay surrogacy is uncontrolled. You must thus exercise caution and diligence to avoid being duped by any of the fraudulent or malevolent surrogacy organizations operating in the nation. Before taking the initial step for surrogacy for gay couple Kenya, inquire about the history and reputation of the surrogacy agency.

Overviewing Gay Surrogacy cost in Kenya

Gay parents in particular might need to travel to Kenya to undergo surrogacy with the help of an egg or sperm donor. As of right now, this will add extra cost to the surrogacy plan.

Even yet, the overall gay surrogacy cost in Kenya is fairly modest when compared to nations like the USA, the UK, and Canada. In any event, the level of medical assistance and services is comparable to that of some of the greatest and most developed nations on earth. Kenya is one of the anti-homosexuality cultures worldwide, one should keep this in mind before proceeding with surrogacy for gay couple Kenya.

same sex surrogacy in Kenya

Additionally, the Kenyan surrogate mother would rather spend her pregnancy at home with her family than in housing provided by the intended parents or the surrogacy service. Well, this is where the intended parents might save costs and expenses overall for their Kenyan surrogacy strategy.

Moreover, this will guarantee that the surrogate mother is cared for in the best possible way while being surrounded by her loved ones. Additionally, the intended parents are responsible for paying the Gay surrogacy costs associated with the IVF procedure that uses an egg donor.

Why getting along with a reputed surrogacy agency is a must?

gay surrogacy agency in Kenya

Therefore, as you prepare to take the first step toward Gay surrogacy in Kenya, you should go about all the perspectives and factors mentioned above. Additionally, surrogacy in Kenya is unregulated, so there is every chance that you may get duped by an agency that makes big claims without actually delivering any results.

Hence, connecting with a reputed surrogacy agency can literally help you to get through with the entire procedure without any major issues or hassles.

How can we help: Best Surrogacy for same sex in Kenya?

At Become parents, we are backed with years of experience and expertise in managing gay surrogacy in Kenya. With our professional experts by your side, you can expect of getting all the required help and assistance in your surrogacy journey.

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