Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has no such law pertaining to surrogacy arrangement in the country and this is the reason why it is serving as a surrogacy hub for most of the people coming from other countries since past few years.

It’s worth mentioning here that Kenya comes as a homophobic nation therefore if you are a gay couple, you and your partner are prohibited to attend the hospital together and you will further be facing numerous questions about your whereabouts in the process. If you are really looking forward to seeking surrogacy agency in Kenya, you must be ready for some real efforts down the line with some good patience.

Legal parenting status of the child

In Kenya, the child would automatically get the citizenship of the country where the intended parents resides and the existing citizenship laws confirms the same fact

Once the child is born, both the intended mother and intended after would get their name listed on the child’s birth certificate. Kenyan birth Certificate names the birth mother and the genetic father. Once the surrogate mother confirms the same, the intended parents can travel. On the other hand, the IPs can be heterosexual, single or same sex couples.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

Cost of Surrogacy is being the cheapest and most feasible option in Kenya for many couples around the world and surrogacy cost in the country currently ranges from $30000 to $38000. Moroever, the intended parents can bring on their own egg donors, sperm donors or embryo donors to the country.

Surrogacy is not for all foreigners and require certain level of terms an efforts in Kenya.

What is the criteria and Eligibility.

Intended parents can be heterosexual, single or same-sex couples

Embryos & Egg Donors

There are very flexible rules for the same and You can bring your own donor also. Eggs/embryos/sperm are able to be shipped directly from your registered clinic. There are many options as well to select local donor or Surrogate too.

The Child’s Status

You can opt for Surrogacy and child is to taken for citizenship of the IPs according to their citizenship laws. After delivery of the child, a birth Certificate will be issues by Kenyan govt with child names the birth mother and the genetic father. For this a proper papers to be submitted so that you have all rights to take baby out side Kenya and can have full IVF Treatment In Kenya.


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