Colombia is one of those countries that don’t discriminate in terms of who is allowed to participate in an IVF or surrogacy program. So, even if you opt for an IVF in Colombia as a gay parent or single parent, you won’t find any issues around.

Being an intended parent, you must know that they don’t have birth certificates in Colombia. A baby ID card is there to facilitate IVF treatment in Colombia. The baby ID only says parents; it does not list the names of the father or mother. Therefore, only the baby’s name will be added there if there is only one genetic parent (or if there is just one man or woman). In other words, the birth certificate does not need to list a surrogate mother.

How IVF treatment in Colombia works?

IVF clinic in ColombiaThe question regarding how much time it takes for pregnancy via in vitro fertilization may come up in a couple’s mind when assessing their chances of becoming pregnant with IVF treatment in Colombia. While there is no sure-shot answer to this question, it all depends on a list of factors like the age of the patient, the number of IVF cycles required, and so on.

Still, in general, this course of treatment typically lasts 30 days or about one month. As we already know, the in vitro fertilization technique is complicated but quick. That said, it involves mixing an egg and a sperm in a lab to produce a quality embryo that can be placed in the uterus of a mother or pregnant woman.

On the other side, the process works as follows at an IVF clinic in Colombia:

Initial diagnostic tests: The first stage of the procedure is to visit the IVF clinics in Colombia, where the condition of the woman’s general health is examined. This confirms whether the treatment is appropriate for the intended mother. The time spent on this phase totally depends on the nature and degree of infertility within the intended parents.

Ovarian stimulation: During this phase, medication is administered subcutaneously (by injection), allowing the oocytes to mature. Because only one egg typically reaches the final stage of development, this procedure increases the likelihood of successfully achieving a pregnancy through IVF in Colombia. Because of this, the majority of pregnancies only contain one embryo. Moreover, the typical time required for this hormonal therapy to work is 12 days.

Oocyte extraction: also known as oocyte extraction, it is a quick, one-day procedure that can be conducted by experts from an IVF clinic in Colombia. The procedure, which involves extracting the oocytes vaginally while under local anesthesia, is painless and takes about 15 minutes.

Following oocyte extraction, the oocytes are sent to a lab for examination and insemination. This laboratory phase starts with cultures, where the best embryos are selected after about three days for subsequent transfer to the uterus.

Embryo transfer: After the sperm and eggs are fertilized, the best embryos are chosen for the transfer so they can be used for 3 to 4 more days before the process culminates in the pregnancy test stage. In order to prevent multiple pregnancies, only a maximum of two embryos are transferred.

Pregnancy test: The blood pregnancy test is the final step that IVF treatment in Colombia must take before it can be considered successful. This test, which is carried out 12 or 15 days after the transfer and confirms that the embryo was successfully implanted in the uterus, is performed to determine whether the treatment was ultimately successful

The In Vitro Fertilization procedure may take longer or take less time depending on the case and the patient’s ability to carefully adhere to the medical center’s instructions. Each patient has unique conditions or reactions, so this can affect how long it takes.

There are certain embryos left over from the insemination and lab phases in case the IVF in Colombia is unsuccessful. The couple may also ask for a fresh IVF cycle attempt at this last stage of the procedure.

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How much is IVF treatment cost in Colombia?

IVF cost in Colombia usually starts from $15000 for one cycle. So, if you require more than one cycle to conceive, the same cost would jump further. On the other side, you may require the services of an egg donor or a sperm donor.

In all such cases, the cost of IVF in Colombia would be higher than usual. Still, as you will connect with our medical consultants, we will ensure you with the best and most affordable treatment option.

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IVF in ColombiaAt Become parents, we have more than 15 years of experience in helping intended parents with the best of IVF. So, you need not worry about anything while going by your parenthood aspirations, whether it is IVF or surrogacy in Colombia.

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Why choose Become Parents?

At Become parents, we have more than 15 years of experience in helping intended parents with the fertility program IVF in Colombia. So, you need not worry about anything while going by your parenthood aspirations.

Contact our client coordinators today to schedule a free consultation!