Surrogacy cost in Ukraine

Ukraine has significantly lower surrogacy costs than the majority of developed nations like USA, UK, and Canada. This is where it has caught the eyes of most of the intended parents across the globe. Still, being an intended parent, there are a few things that you need to know in advance.

Since 1997, when the practice was made legal in Ukraine, no specific laws have been passed to address the procedure’s legality. As of now, surrogacy is recognized as a legal arrangement by Ukrainian law, but only for heterosexual married couples. So, you must proceed in the same direction while keeping all these things in mind.

how much surrogacy cost in Ukraine

What does Ukraine surrogacy law say?

Ukrainian surrogacy law duly supports all the low-cost surrogacy programs in the country. That said, Ukrainian family law regulates surrogacy and further specifies that only married heterosexual couples are allowed to pursue surrogacy in the nation.

Moreover, donating sperm and eggs is also acceptable as long as the necessary paperwork is provided. Besides, if the intended parents do not want to meet the donor, the identity of the sperm or egg donor may be kept a secret from them.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine?

surrogacy cost in UkraineDue to its affordable surrogacy options and cutting-edge medical infrastructure, the nation welcomes thousands of medical tourists each year.

Having said that, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine will largely depend on the program or plan you choose. The number of IVF cycles performed, the use of egg or sperm donors, the cost of the surrogate mother in Ukraine, and other factors will all have an impact on the cost.

On the other side, the intended parents and the surrogate mother in Ukraine will sign a contract. That said, the contract would contain the following:

  • The payment to the surrogate in terms of surrogacy cost in Ukraine
  • The legal procedure for obtaining parental rights
  • Discussions between the parties regarding the pregnancy

When drafting the agreement, the rights and interests of the parties involved must be taken into account. After both parties have signed the agreement and you have accepted it, the medical procedure may start. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine will also be influenced by the intended parents’ selection of the surrogacy program.

For instance, traditional surrogacy uses IUI, whereas gestational surrogacy involves the transfer of the intended parents’ embryo to the surrogate. Besides, IVF is, therefore, necessary to achieve this and the surrogacy clinic in Ukraine will check on the pregnancy after IUI or embryo transfer. Additionally, during the second trimester of pregnancy, intended parents must take the necessary legal precautions to protect their parental rights.

Why does Ukraine have cheaper surrogacy costs than other nations?

Low cost surrogacy in Ukraine

Given the aforementioned elements, surrogacy costs in Ukraine are moderately low:

  • The availability of reasonably priced surrogate mothers
  • IVF expenses are lower.
  • Labour and prenatal care are inexpensive

Even surrogacy with a family member is about 50% cheaper here than it is elsewhere. Since there is no waiting list for egg donors or surrogates, there is no additional fee. Moreover, commercial surrogacy is now permitted in Ukraine, so there is no longer a need for parentage tests or court rulings, among other things that cost money in regard to surrogacy cost in Ukraine

It is very challenging to estimate the total cost of surrogacy in Ukraine because surrogacy costs vary depending on the chosen surrogacy program. Moreover, the final cost will also depend on the situation and decision of the intended parents.

cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

According to estimation, the surrogacy cost in Ukraine could be between $45,000 and $60,000. The same cost will change depending on a number of circumstances and factors. For instance, donating sperm or eggs would require a different procedure, raising the surrogacy cost in Ukraine.

Similarly to this, the intended parents will be responsible for paying for each additional cycle of IVF if the first round is unsuccessful. If you also used the services of a surrogacy agency, the price of surrogacy in Ukraine would be about $4,500. Additionally, additional expenses like those for the surrogate’s prenatal care, legal fees, meal allowances, and other procedure-related costs should be taken into account.

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