Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy in UKAlthough Surrogacy in the UK is legal. When a baby is born out of a surrogate mother, she is going to be the legal mother and not the intended parent, even if she is not genetically connected to the child. On the other hand, if she is a married woman, her partner would be the legal father of the born child. In ethical gestational surrogacy in UK, After the child is born out of the surrogate mother, the intended parents are then required to file an application to the family in order to claim the legal parenthood of the child.

You can contact any surrogacy agency in UK for all these legal proceedings. That way, any kind of agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother would be deemed null and void.

Therefore, it’s always been a matter of trust and faith between the intended parents and the surrogate mother, and the biggest issue on its way forward to a mutual agreement binding both parties to abide by the mentioned terms and conditions. That’s where an appropriate law is required in order to make it a fair agreement so that the right sort of people are recognized as intended parents and a surrogacy agency in UK helps you throughout the process.

Surrogacy Cost in the UK (United Kingdom)

surrogacy agency in ukIf we talk about surrogacy in England, Scotland, and Wales UK, it largely has to do with it as a private arrangement. Therefore, if you are dealing directly with the surrogate here, you have to contact with best surrogacy agencies in UK and shell out somewhere between 15000 GBP. Moreover, it’s apart from the legal fees that you are paying for getting the parental order from the court.

Even though it’s going to cost you a bit more whilst dealing with an agency for the same, it is always recommended to go ahead with it as you really don’t need to carry all the pain in regards to finding the right surrogate, getting it screened for any kind of health or psychological issues and so on. Also, it’s illegal to advertise for the surrogate search so in case you don’t have any friends or connections there, you must deal with a surrogacy clinic in UK for the same.

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Is surrogacy in UK legal?

surrogacy clinic in ukThe Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 (HFEA) and the Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985, which cover the rights of parents and surrogates, as well as describe the process for establishing permanent parental rights, make altruistic surrogacy lawful and regulated in the United Kingdom.

It is illegal to pay a surrogate more than reasonable expenses for gestational surrogacy in UK. Advertisement that you are looking for a surrogate mother or are willing to act as a surrogate mother is illegal. Surrogacy in the UK is legal, however, it is also difficult to handle because of the regulations.

International surrogacy( in which a child is conceived and delivered outside of the UK) is becoming more popular among UK couples.

When a kid is born in a country with supportive surrogacy legislation, the couple’s names can be listed as the official parents on the child’s birth certificate. In some countries, the surrogate’s name will appear on the birth certificate. In any case, as soon as the kid is born, UK parents must file for a Parental Order.

Points to ponder about before opting for surrogacy in the UK

  • As per the human fertilization and embryology authority in the UK, surrogacy is only permitted for a woman who comes along with a medical condition that further makes it hard or impossible for her to conceive. Consider any surrogacy centre in the UK is advisable.
  • The issues listed in this category can be the absence or malformation of the womb, recurrent miscarriages, repeated IVF treatments without any success, and so on.
  • Moreover, same-sex couples or single parents who are looking to form a family can also pursue surrogacy within the legal territories of the country.
  • The country facilitates two types of surrogacy, namely full surrogacy, and partial surrogacy. Full surrogacy is a process which the eggs derived from the intended mother or the egg donors get used during the IVF process.
  • Here, the surrogate mother doesn’t have any genetic connection to the future child and the intended parents can be deemed as the biological parents of the child.
  • On the other side, partial surrogacy refers to the utilization of eggs from the surrogate mother or the egg donor along with the utilization of the intended father’s sperm to get along with the IVF process under the supervision of any surrogacy agency in UK.
  • Additionally, intended parents cannot put forward any advertisements or add commercials to find a surrogate mother and can only use their network of friends and family members for the same purpose.
  • Fertility clinics are not allowed to search for the surrogate mother on behalf of the intended parents. Still, the couples can get help from surrogacy agencies in UK that have numerous surrogate mothers, egg donors, and sperm donors in their panel.
  • The legislation regarding surrogacy in the UK doesn’t allow the couple to pay the surrogate mother. However, she can still be reimbursed for any medical expenses or related expenses incurred during her maternity period.
  • The couples also need to pay for medical treatment at the clinic. Additionally, if they are using their own sperm and eggs, it would come as less expensive in comparison to a case scenario where egg and sperm donors are used for the same purpose.
  • The couples must also be mindful of the fact that the surrogate mother is deemed as a legal mother of the future child unless they secure a parental order from the local court.
  • Once the parents have taken the parental order, the surrogate mother will not be holding any further rights to the child. Also, in a different case scenario, the surrogate mother and her husband ( if she is married )will be the legal parents of the born child.

Frequent Questions for Surrogacy in the United Kingdom

  • What is the cost of surrogacy in the UK?

Depending on the facility and your surrogate, the total cost of surrogacy in the UK can exceed £50,000 (about $65,000 USD). This cost is far lower than surrogacy in the United States but slightly higher than programmes in surrogacy-friendly countries such as Ukraine or Colombia.


  • Is surrogacy in the UK legal?

Surrogacy is allowed in the United Kingdom, albeit its rules may appear antiquated when compared to those in more “surrogacy-friendly” countries. In the United Kingdom, regardless of any contract with the Intended Parents, the surrogate mother is considered the legal mother. The court next issues a Parental Order, which establishes permanent parental rights.

  • How we can help?

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