Surrogacy in UK

Although Surrogacy is legal in UK, when a baby is born out of a surrogate mother, she is going to be the legal mother and not the intended parents, even if she is not genetically connected to the child. On the other hand, if she is a married woman, her partner would be the legal father of the born child. After the child is born out of the surrogate mother, the intended parents are then required to file an application to the family in order to claim the legal parenthood of the child. That way, any kind of agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother would be deemed as null and void.

Therefore, its always been a matter of trust and faith between the intended parents and the surrogate mother and the biggest issue on its way forward to a mutual agreement binding both parties to abide by the mentioned terms and conditions. That’s where an appropriate law is required in order to make it a fair agreement so that the right sort of people is recognized as intended parents.

Surrogacy Cost in UK (United Kingdom)

If we talk about the surrogacy in England, Scotland, Wales UK, it largely has to do with it as a private arrangement. Therefore, if you are dealing directly with the surrogate here, you got to shell out somewhere between 15000 GBP. Moreover, it’s apart from the legal fees that you are paying for getting the parental order from the court. Even though it’s going to cost you a bit more whilst dealing with an agency for the same, its always recommended to go ahead with it as you really don’t need to carry all the pain in regards to finding the right surrogate, getting its screened for any kind of health or psychological issues and so on. Also, it’s illegal to advertise for the surrogate search in UK so in case you don’t have any friends or connections in there, you must deal with a fertility clinic or an agency for the same.

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