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Surrogacy agency in Cambodia

If we talk about the legal implications of Gestational surrogacy in Cambodia, many people are confused and question whether is surrogacy allowed in Cambodia or not. It is currently banned as per an order from the ministries of health and justice released in 2016. The ministry gave these orders in the wake of illegal donation and adaption of human organs, and tissues along with gestational career services by the local surrogates.

On the other hand, the statement by the Health Ministry specifically further debarred ART and infertility treatments that might come into relation with surrogacy. IVF treatment process can proceed as planned, import and export of the oocytes from the country can go ahead, and embryos can be conceived and transmitted to different clinics. Moreover, the embryo transfer process is been prohibited in case it’s been transferred to a surrogate mother in Cambodia. Still, there are various surrogacy agencies in Cambodia that conduct IVF treatment for a number of foreign clients.

Surrogacy laws in Cambodia

Is surrogacy legal in Cambodia? In Cambodia, there is no legal framework for surrogacy. There are no limits on anyone performing surrogacy, according to the Ministry of Health. However, all three parties engaged in the process should be foreign nationals: the biological mother (surrogate), genetic parents (egg/sperm donor), and commissioning parents. All can participate- heterosexual married couples, gay couples, singles, and LGBT surrogacy in Cambodia.

surrogacy laws in Cambodia

The Cambodian government has been working on legislation to address surrogacy. “The ministries will shortly submit a report to the government to talk about the merits and downsides of surrogacy,” the Minister of Women’s Affairs said in August 2016. But, according to sources close to the Health Ministry, the law would not be passed for at least six months.

Surrogacy legislation was also addressed earlier this year, according to Cambodia’s Health Minister. According to the Phnom Penh Post, “we don’t have a law to outlaw or regulate surrogacy,” and “we are working with the Ministry of Justice to control the industry to avoid difficulties.”

When the new law takes effect, we expect new bureaucratic processes to ensure that it is completely abolished, as well as to discourage clinics from giving creative alternatives.

Other alternatives apart from surrogacy options in Cambodia

surrogacy clinic in Cambodia

Although some of the surrogacy agencies in Cambodia have created altered packages for their foreign clients, who want a surrogacy program or same sex surrogacy in Cambodia while getting into cross-border programs with nearby countries, such as Laos, others provide various services in order to let the embryos and then transferring them to other countries. Although the same process can’t be deemed illegal, it carries along higher degrees of risk. A renowned Surrogacy agency in Cambodia can help you through international programs.

That’s why we here at Become Parents recommend our clients instead choose a country with friendly laws and favourable surrogacy infrastructure at affordable surrogacy cost in Cambodia. For all those couples who are not aware of better alternatives to the same, we will help and guide you to go for all the best surrogacy arrangements across various parts of the globe for international surrogacy, as well as for gay surrogacy in Cambodia.

There are some of the best surrogacy destinations, where the ethical treatment of local surrogate mothers always comes as a priority. This comes out as an utmost requirement as in countries where the ethical treatment and care options for surrogate mothers aren’t available, it generally becomes the sole responsibility of the intended parents and the surrogacy agency to go ahead with the task. No matter what, we will be by your side at every step.

Although few surrogacy clinic in Cambodia may be ready to do surrogacy, Become Parents recommends that clients select countries with a strong legal framework, such as the United States or Canada. We can assist couples who are unaware of other possibilities in locating more reputable agencies around the world, particularly those that are focused on the ethical treatment of local surrogate mothers.

Now as you cannot pursue Cambodian surrogacy, here are some alternative options that you can consider in the same respect.


surrogacy cost in CambodiaCouples can pursue altruistic surrogacy in Australia as this is the only surrogacy procedure that is permitted within the legal territories of the country. Moreover, they are not allowed to put through any kind of advertisement to search for a surrogate mother. Additionally, sperm and egg donation processes are also prohibited within the region.

Still, there are certain states that may permit you to seek the same services. On the other side, the total cost of surrogacy in Australia would range from fifty thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars.

Surrogacy Program in Kenya

surrogacy in CambodiaKenya has come over as the most preferred surrogacy destination for most international couples across the globe. No matter if you are a same-sex couple or single parent; you can still pursue surrogacy according to your choice and preference within the country. Still, you just have to be a bit cautious as gay surrogacy doesn’t draw much support from the local citizens of the country.

Also, Kenya is home to some best IVF clinics so you don’t need to worry about the medical facilities and services. Talking of the cost of surrogacy in Kenya will come between forty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars. Here surrogacy cost is much less than in other nations like the US and cost of surrogacy in Cambodia.


surrogacy in UkraineBesides Kenya and Australia, the other destination that you can look up to in order to realize your parenthood dreams is surrogacy in Ukraine. The country allows only heterosexual couples to seek surrogacy process within its legal territories. Also, the medical facilities and services are on par with some of the best countries in the world.

Now, this is the reason why this country attracts thousands of couples every year to come over for their surrogacy aspirations.

No matter what country or the region you’re opting for Surrogacy, we at become parents are always there for you during every step of your surrogacy journey. Contact us today for a free consultation and we will help you with the best assistance and advice in regard to your queries and questions.