Surrogacy in Cambodia

If we talk about the legal implications of Surrogacy in Cambodia, it is currently banned as per an order form the ministries of health and justice released in 2016. The ministry gave these orders in the wake of illegal donation and adaption of human organs, tissues along with the gestational career services by the local surrogates.

On the other hand, other hand, the statement by the Health Ministry specifically further debarred ART and infertility treatments that might come into relation with surrogacy. IVF treatment process can proceed as planned, import and export of the oocytes from the country can go ahead, and embryos can be conceived and transited to different clinics. Moreover, the embryo transfer process is been prohibited in case it’s been transferred to a surrogate mother. Still there are various clinics around the country who conduct IVF treatment for a number of foreign clients.

Other alternatives apart from surrogacy options in Cambodia

Although some of the surrogacy agencies in Cambodia have created altered packages for their foreign clients while getting into cross-border programs with nearby countries, such as Laos or Malaysia, others provide various services in order to let the embryos conceived in Cambodia and then transferring them to other countries for the surrogacy purpose. Although the same process can’t be deemed illegal, it carries along higher degrees of risk alongside.

That’s why we here at Become parents recommend our clients to instead chose a country with friendly laws and favorable surrogacy infrastructure. For all those couples who are not aware about better alternatives to the same, we will help and guide you to go for all the best surrogacy arrangements across various parts of the globe. There are some of the best surrogacy destinations, where ethical treatment of local surrogate mothers always comes on priority. This comes out as an utmost requirement as in countries where the ethical treatment and care option for the surrogate mothers aren’t available, it generally becomes a sole responsibility of the intended parents and the surrogacy agency to go ahead with the task. No matter what, we will be by your side at every step.


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