As you start ahead with infertility treatment in Georgia, you must make yourself aware of every guideline and aspect in the same context. IVF in Georgia is certainly at or near the top of your list of common fertility procedures and there is a big reason behind that.

The basic principle of IVF—combining egg and sperm outside the body in culture—has been around for decades and is probably already familiar to you. However, there is a lot more to IVF in Georgia that occurs both before and after that. Here is a detailed breakdown of the procedure related to infertility treatment in Georgia.

IVF is frequently used at IVF clinics in Georgia to treat:

  • older women having problems conceiving
  • women who have a fallopian tube issue
  • female endometriosis patients
  • Low sperm count in men or sperm blockage in men

IVF in Georgia: Step by Step Process

IVF in Georgia

Increase egg production via superovulating

As the initial part of IVF at IVF clinics in Georgia, fertility medicines will be administered to you in order to start a process known as stimulation, or superovulation To put it another way, the medications, which contain the hormone follicle-stimulating hormone, will instruct your body to generate more than the typical one egg each month.

Your chances of successful fertilization later on at an IVF clinic in Georgia will increase as you create more eggs. Throughout this phase of the IVF procedure, you will routinely get blood tests and transvaginal ultrasounds to check on your ovaries and monitor your hormone levels.

Egg retrieval

You will be given a hormone injection to hasten the maturation of your eggs a little more than a day before they are to be removed from your body. The eggs will next be extracted using a quick surgical procedure called follicular aspiration at an IVF clinic in Georgia.

A tiny needle will be inserted into each of your ovaries through your vagina by your doctor under the guidance of ultrasound throughout the process. A tool attached to the needle suctions the eggs out one at a time.

If this phase seems unpleasant, don’t worry; you’ll likely receive medication beforehand to make you comfortable. Afterward, you might have some cramping, but as per our partner IVF clinics in Georgia, this normally goes away in a day.

Sperm Retrieval from Male partner

Your spouse will give a sample of his sperm while your eggs are extracted. The use of donor sperm is another option. The best sperm are then selected by running them through a high-speed wash and spin cycle.

Mixing of eggs and sperm

Combining the best sperm with your best eggs is the stage of IVF that everyone is most familiar with. This is usually known as the insemination stage in IVF. A sperm typically needs a few hours to fertilize an egg. Instead, your doctor at an IVF agency in Georgia can choose to perform an intracytoplasmic sperm injection, in which the sperm is injected directly into the egg (ICSI).

The Embryo Transfer process

Following the collection of your eggs, you will be given some more medications. This one is designed to prepare your uterus’ lining for receiving the embryos. Your doctor will use a catheter to insert the embryos into your uterus three to five days after fertilization. Similar to stage three, this IVF procedure is carried out while you are awake at your doctor’s office.

In the hopes that at least one will establish itself in the lining of your uterus and start to develop, several embryos are implanted back into you. Multiple births are typical in women who utilize IVF in Georgia because multiple embryos occasionally result in such conclusions.

IVF treatment in Georgia

In essence, the IVF procedure mimics natural reproduction. The pregnancy test, which comes following IVF, is the final step that establishes whether the procedure was successful.

IVF treatment cost in Georgia

The IVF treatment cost in Georgia depends on a number of factors like total IVF cycles brought in use during the treatment, the number of tests and diagnoses, eggs or sperm donors used, and IVF medication cost.

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