IUI Treatment

Babies are essential in a couple’s life. It is the dream of every parent in the world. Really to say, Children make life happier. Naturally, baby birth will take place by the union of male and female. However, unfortunately in many cases, due to the defect of the male body or female body, the couple cannot have a child. At this point, they feel very depressed and terrible.

Their dreams will become doomed when they understand the truth. Thankfully, a couple who cannot have a baby due to some problems can now dream about their child by having IUI treatment. Females can become pregnant with the aid of medical science.

One can contact doctors who are experts in their field. First and foremost, doctors scan the body of both husband and wife and try to understand the defect to provide suitable treatment.

What is the Objective of IUI treatment Process?

The objective of the IUI procedure is to understand the fertility treatment given to the female body. IUI treatment is best suitable for couples who have less sperm count, are impotent, or suffer from premature ejaculation.

  • It is a fertility operation where sperm is injected into the female body. The sperms are directly injected into the uterine cavity of the female body with the help of a catheter. This treatment helps the females to become pregnant as the sperm are directly injected into the uterine of the female body.
  • The chances of pregnancy are increased more because the travel of sperm is completely short as it is directly inserted inside the body, as the travel distance is significantly shortened, the sperm loss is very less. When the sperm are combined with ovaries, it increases the chance of fertility — the low IUI cost with a higher chance of pregnancy. The IUI Procedure is available at a meager price for artificial insemination.
  • Artificial insemination is the medical treatment for fertility given to a healthy female body who are not able to give birth through intercourse. The defect in the male’s body and female body helps doctors to decide on suitable treatment.
  • The best treatment is available at a cheaper cost than artificial insemination in the hospital and fertility clinics. Many hospitals and fertility clinics are certified by JCI and USA to meet the standards of the treatment.
  • However, the success rate of the treatment depends on the female body. Doctors can decide the success rate of fertility treatment by examining the female’s body.
  • In some cases, a female’s body does not support fertilization. In such cases, the couples can opt for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In IVF treatment the male sperm and female ovum will be combined in a laboratory.
  • By the combination of the sperm and ovum, the egg is fertilized. If a couple wishes to have their baby using their sperm and ovum, they need to undergo hormone treatment. After collecting the sperm and ovums of the couple, it is combined in the lab for fertility.
  • During the process, when excess embryos are produced, they can be stored. When a female wishes to conceive once again, the frozen embryos transfer to the female body. The in vitro fertilization cost depends upon the hospitals and fertility clinics. In Vitro fertilization and frozen embryo transfer can be done with the help of capable doctors.

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