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Surrogacy Agencies in Canada

If we talk about Canada, it’s illegal to seek the paid services from a surrogate mother or paying for human sperm and eggs. Moreover, only altruistic surrogacy is allowed in Canada and matching the surrogates with the parents’ along with co-related services is strictly prohibited. Also, the agencies are only allowed to provide paid assistance in regards to:

  • any type of recommendations in regards to services from lawyers, psychologists, fertility clinics, doctors, and hospitals
  • making a schedule in regards to all the above mentioned services
  • providing further assistance in dealing with all types of queries from such people at every point through to their journey
  • proper counseling and emotional support during the process
  • Services in regards to the investigation of the surrogate’s background and lifestyle
  • providing assistance in regards to various forms to be filled during the medical processes
  • background checking of the related clinics and their reputation in regards to the provided services
  • providing recommendations in regards to the medical needs of the intended parents
  • assistance in regards to meetings with the related clinics or medical expert
  • Logistics support and managing all the travel arrangements
  • helping the clients in making of various spread sheets and preparing proper records to make sure only realistic expenses are claimed and are reimbursed
  • acting as a bridge between the surrogate and the intended parents for any types of communication
  • helping in preparations of birth plans
  • proper scheduling of DNA testing
  • helping the intended parents while referring them to required legal professionals for the declaration of parentage
  • keeping in touch with the surrogates or the gestational carriers post pregnancy.

Benefits of Surrogacy in Canada

There are a number of benefits while seeking a surrogacy arrangement in Canada and cost is the biggest of them all. whilst the surrogacy arrangement in USA costs up to $120,000, same can only be practiced in Canada for around $70, 000.Moroever, the baby which gets born out of the surrogacy arrangement is eligible for the Canadian citizenship and the intended parents can soon fly back to their own country with the baby’s Canadian passport alongside.

Canada also offers national health care service, which covers up all the charges in relation to the surrogate and the delivery process. This can help both the intended parents and the surrogate mother big time in saving lot of money for all those treatments during the pregnancy. However the same social security service doesn’t cover up the child of a foreign citizens, so every cost in relation to NICU care or an incubator (in case of a premature delivery) comes as the sole responsibility of the intended parents.

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