As of now, there are no surrogacy laws in Kenya i.e. surrogacy is neither permissible nor prohibited in this part of the world. The Kenyan government has not passed any legislation prohibiting surrogacy since they recognize that it is a straightforward technique that aids infertile couples who are unable to conceive naturally and who want medical assistance to complete their families.

Kenya is the most popular country among visitors from other wealthy nations since surrogacy is more affordable and adopting a child is more likely in this part of the planet.

surrogacy laws in Kenya

Couples from many nations travel to Kenya for their surrogacy treatments, and Kenya can declare with great pleasure that the success rate of bringing home a kid has been rising dramatically each year.

Still, being an intended parent, you must do all the required research and analysis regarding surrogacy laws in Kenya before getting started.

Is surrogacy legal in Kenya?

surrogacy laws in Kenya

surrogacy in Kenya

The absence of surrogacy legislation in Kenya is a major benefit of choosing this country for your surrogacy aspirations. In order to realize their desire to become parents, people of either sex may opt for surrogacy in Kenya. The fact that there are more individuals living in Kenya every year is another crucial cause for surrogacy there. As a result, the cost of doing so is far lower than it is in their home countries.

Moreover, Kenya is a country where individuals from other nations may readily and affordably

use the services of egg donors and surrogates. Additionally, Kenya has access to skilled and knowledgeable fertility experts that may assist infertile couples.

is surrogacy legal in Kenya

What does surrogacy legislation in Kenya say?

According to surrogacy laws in Kenya, all parties must sign an agreement before the surrogacy process may start. The agreement specifies that when the baby is delivered, the surrogate will easily transfer custody of the child to the intended parents and would get paid as compensation.

The intended parents must file a petition with the court on the third day after the baby is born to request permission from the judge to become the

surrogacy cost in Kenya

infant’s legal parents. The Court then directs the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a fresh birth certificate in the intended parents’ names as the newborn’s legitimate legal parents.

Once the legal process is through, the gestational surrogate has no further contact with the child. Surrogate agencies in Kenya prefer married women with children for the surrogacy operation and the surrogates should be between the age range of 23 and 40 years. The surrogates required a lot of emotional, mental, and bodily support from their families to endure the surrogacy procedure.

Surrogacy laws in Kenya: what Intended parents need to know?

surrogacy in Kenya

The Kenyan government is quite understanding, therefore they are aware that surrogacy is a practice intended for couples of either sex who want to complete their incomplete family by having their own child. The lack of surrogacy legislation in Kenya makes it possible for individuals to fulfill their dreams of having their own children by coming to Kenya.

Everyone needs a kid to fill their empty life, be it a single parent or a same sex couples. Therefore, for them, surrogacy has turned into a godsend to fill their empty life with their own child. Yet, it’s all about selecting the best surrogacy agency in Kenya for your given purpose.

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