Kenya is becoming more and more popular for surrogacy due to the affordable surrogacy alternatives and excellent medical infrastructure. Therefore, you may choose it without hesitation if you’re an intended parent seeking for the best surrogacy program at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Kenya.

The surrogacy procedure in Kenya is legal and well-documented as soon as the surrogate mothers in Kenya are selected by the surrogacy agency in Kenya. An agreement that states the surrogate mothers Kenya will give the child to the intended parents after birth and that the court will order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue the baby’s new birth certificate listing the intended parents as the baby’s legal parents must be signed by both parties before the surrogacy procedure can begin.

Getting started with the surrogate mothers in Kenya selection!

Before surrogates sign up for the procedure, the top surrogate mother agency in Kenya looks at the surrogate’s family history, husband’s permission, and physical, mental, and social well-being, among other things. In order to prevent the transmission of infectious illnesses like AIDS and Hepatitis to the fetus, these surrogate mothers in Kenya are also medically checked.

In Kenya, surrogates are often hired between the ages of 23 and 40, especially married women with children.

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As we all know, surrogacy is not a simple practice and takes a lot of emotional and mental support. They further choose capable surrogate mothers for single men in Kenya who are married and have children and can handle the surrogacy process.

Types of Surrogate mothers in Kenya

Since their eggs are intentionally fertilized with donor or the intended father’s sperm and they carry the child for nine months before giving birth, traditional surrogates are women who are biologically related to the child.

Gestational surrogates are surrogate mothers in Kenya who are not biologically related to a newborn since their eggs are not utilized in the IVF treatment. In this procedure, the intended mother’s egg or the sperm of an egg donor is used, together with the sperm of an intended father.

The fertilized embryo is then put in the uterus of the gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy.

How many embryos are transferred in one go?

The number of embryos implanted at the surrogacy mother agency in Kenya depends on the age and quantity of retrieved eggs. The implantation rate may be lower if the intended mother is using her own eggs and she is over 35 compared to women who utilize eggs from egg donors or surrogate moms who are young, healthy, and fertile.

Due to the possibility of multiple pregnancies, several countries only permit the transfer of one or two embryos at a time.

surrogate mother cost in Kenya

What does the surrogate mother cost in Kenya?

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The surrogate mother cost in Kenya includes the costs of an IVF cycle, medical exams, legal fees, fertility doctor fees, meals, hotel, travel expenses, clothing, medicines, etc.

In Kenya, the average cost of surrogacy is around USD 45,000, and the success rate is between 70 and 80 percent, which is higher than in other developed countries like the UK and the US.

However, before moving further, one must get in touch with the most reputable and reliable surrogacy agency in Kenya. By doing that, you may continue your surrogacy adventure without any difficulties or roadblocks.

Who is eligible to become surrogate mothers in Kenya?

We consider a number of aspects while choosing the surrogate mother in Kenya, including:

  • Surrogates must be in good physical and mental health;
  • They must have a pleasing and upbeat personality;
  • Married surrogates with children are preferred;
  • The endometrial thickness on days 15 to 18 must be greater than 9 millimeters;
  • All blood tests and diagnosis must be clean
  • The surrogate mother must understand the process completely and be willing to carry the pregnancy for the intended parents.

Managing the surrogacy process in Kenya!

In general, we prefer that our surrogate mother in Kenya, remain in her own home so that she may be happy during the entire process, which is very essential. We have also noticed that when they stay in their own homes, the likelihood of miscarriages is lower. We also have surrogate houses where they may remain if they choose not to stay there.

We have surrogate agents that look after our patients’ proper medical and personal needs as well as see whether they need any help throughout the process. Additionally, clinic coordinators routinely visit surrogates’ homes to

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see if they need any help and make sure they are following the suggested diet and taking their medications on schedule.

To guarantee a healthy, safe, and easy pregnancy, prenatal checkups and ultrasounds are performed more frequently during the surrogacy process than during a typical pregnancy.

Moreover, to ensure that the intended parents get the best outcome possible, we have the best fertility specialists to select the most suitable surrogate mothers in Kenya for the surrogacy procedure while further monitoring their progress during pregnancy. Also, we provide affordable surrogacy at a low surrogate mother cost in Kenya.

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