Surrogacy in Thailand: Why there is so much uncertainty around it?

Thailand is a country that used to be the preferred surrogacy hub for most international parents from Asia. Even though surrogacy is banned for international citizens as of now, you may come across many surrogacy agencies that offer personalized surrogacy plans and programs, even for same-sex surrogacy in Thailand.

That said, we won’t advise you to go ahead with these plans or programs until you are dealing with a reputed surrogacy agency in Thailand.

How Thailand once served as a perfect surrogacy hub for many?

As mentioned earlier, Thailand used to be the most preferred surrogacy destination for numerous international parents. While cheap surrogacy options came as one big reason, it gained further popularity due to the following aspects:

same-sex surrogacy in thailandAbsence of Surrogacy laws: There was a time when Thailand didn’t have many regulations regarding surrogacy or even same-sex surrogacy in Thailand. Moreover, given the absence of these regulations, commercial surrogacy agreements were relatively simple to set up. On the other hand, parents from other countries saw this as an opportunity to realize their parenthood goals at a much more affordable rate.

Easy availability of Surrogates: There were many potential surrogate mothers in Thailand who were willing to carry a child for international parents. Moreover, this is due to various reasons like financial situation, cultural expectations, and a desire to aid others.

On the other hand, intended parents who were unable to find surrogates in their country of origin were drawn to the availability of willing surrogates in Thailand.

Also, given the easy availability of surrogates for same-sex surrogacy in Thailand, the country became a top choice for most same-sex intended parents.

Lower surrogacy cost: Compared to other developed countries like the UK, USA or Canada, surrogacy cost in Thailand was way lower. So, intended parents who couldn’t afford the high costs associated with surrogacy in their home countries found Thailand to be an appealing option. Moreover, this was due to the lower cost of medical procedures, fertility treatments, and surrogate compensation.

Again, we know that surrogacy for same-sex in Thailand demands higher costs than usual. Still, the low-cost surrogacy options offered by the surrogacy agency came as a big respite for many in the same regard.

Standardized medical infrastructure: Thailand had a well-developed medical infrastructure, as well as skilled medical personnel and fertility clinics with years of experience in assisted reproductive technologies. Moreover, the availability of a top-notch medical infrastructure gave the intended parents peace of mind regarding the security and standard of care during the surrogacy procedure.

That said, it’s crucial to stress again how much the surrogacy landscape in Thailand has changed. Besides, the Thai government has put in place stricter laws, including a ban on foreigners using commercial surrogates currently. Also, these modifications were brought about by concerns and doubts about surrogate exploitation, moral dilemmas, and the requirement to safeguard the rights and welfare of all parties. Therefore, if you are thinking about surrogacy in Thailand or any other country, it is essential to take into account the current legal system and speak with legal professionals.

Surrogacy in thailand

What measures have been recommended to legalize Surrogacy in Thailand?

Although there have been discussions and proposals to regulate surrogacy in Thailand, no concrete steps have been taken to make it legal for foreigners. Besides, the surrogacy landscape can change quickly, so there may have been changes since then. That said, the following suggestion may come fruitful in legalizing surrogacy in Thailand in the future.

Drafting well-defined Surrogacy Laws

In order to make surrogacy legal, a nation usually creates extensive legislation that spells out the legal obligations, rights, and safeguards of all parties involved, including intended parents, surrogates, and the children born through surrogacy. Furthermore, these laws may cover topics like eligibility requirements, medical and psychological evaluations, contract terms, payment, and the determination of legal parentage.

Just like that, even Thailand requires proposing similar laws to regulate surrogacy within its legal territories. Besides, it can bring special provisions for aspects like Gay surrogacy in Thailand.

Establishing Regulatory Bodies

Thailand should establish regulatory organizations or departments with the mandate to supervise surrogacy agreements, guarantee legal observance, and safeguard the interests of all parties concerned. That said, these organizations may establish regulations, keep an eye on surrogacy clinics or agencies, and deal with any potential legal problems or disputes.

Protecting the Rights of Children and Surrogates

Surrogacy cost in thailandThe rights and welfare of surrogate mothers and children should come first in the legal framework for surrogacy. That said, it might include guidelines for surrogate screenings for physical and mental health issues, informed consent practices, access to quality healthcare, support services, and legal safeguards against exploitation or abuse. On the other hand, procedures for establishing legal parentage and securing citizenship or nationality for children born through surrogacy may also be established by law.

International Coordination and Cooperation

Thailand may set up systems for global coordination and cooperation in surrogacy agreements. Additionally, this can entail information exchange, working together on legal frameworks, and making sure that cross-border surrogacy cases abide by established laws and safeguards.

Intended parents must understand that the current regime may not support their parenthood goals to the core. So, they must wait for some future amendments in the existing laws and regulations before taking any key decision in the same regard.

Is Surrogacy in Thailand recommended for international parents?

Considering the existing laws and ethical issues, there are some reasons why surrogacy in Thailand may not be advised for foreign parents.

Legal Uncertainty: Thailand used to be a popular destination for foreign couples looking for surrogacy arrangements because of its relatively lax attitude toward commercial surrogacy. Still, there were problems with the law and complications and no clarity was provided even by the government. Moreover, a law prohibiting commercial surrogacy for foreigners was passed in Thailand in 2015, which caused uncertainty and confusion for those involved.

So, as of now, you may not be able to pursue surrogacy being an international parent in the country. Besides, the rule asks one of the intended parents to be a Thai citizen.

Complicated regulations: Thailand has made significant changes to its surrogacy policy over the past few years. That said, the nation has been focusing on protecting the rights and welfare of surrogate mothers and children while enforcing stricter regulations. Besides, international parents may find it challenging to navigate the process due to Thailand’s changing legal climate, which may deter them from using surrogates there.

Ethical issues: Surrogacy-related cases in Thailand have often led to exploitation and violations of human rights. Moreover, due to unclear legal frameworks, some reports highlighted instances in which surrogates were mistreated, contracts were broken, or children were left stateless. That said; these concerns have prompted ethical issues and prompted a more circumspect attitude toward surrogacy in Thailand.

Final words

The surrogacy cost in Thailand is still lower than many countries around the world. Still, given the uncertainty around the regulations, we would advise you to consult with a reputed surrogacy agency in the country.

Important Things Intended Parents Need to Know About Surrogates

There are many cases nowadays in which couples consider surrogacy in France. However, in most cases, either partner suffers from the problem of being infertile. You need to know there are several other factors in which surrogacy is preferred and considered the best solution. 

But keep one thing in mind, surrogacy is a vital decision and involves a lot of emotional as well as physical implications. In case, you are planning for the surrogacy journey then do a little bit of research and also understand the concept of surrogacy in detail. 

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A Comprehensive Guide on Selecting the Right Surrogate Mother

Starting your family through surrogacy is definitely an exciting process but remember this is the time when you need to choose the right surrogacy agency Russia to select the surrogate mother who is ready to carry your child. 

Being an intended parent, selecting your surrogate is really a vital decision. It is always better to seek out for surrogate who is healthy, fit, and already a great mother. 

Selecting the surrogate who will carry your child is a personal choice but remember you should never take it lightly because even a small mistake can cause great problems. 

To simplify the process and select the right surrogate mother, it is always a good idea to work with one of the most reputable surrogacy clinics Russia like Become Parents. This surrogacy clinic has senior doctors who have great expertise in the field of surrogacy. 

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Same Sex Parents

How to Proceed Towards Surrogacy as a Same Sex Parent?

Surrogacy is been deemed as fruitful for all the intended parents who are looking to bring that lost happiness in their lives. Still the arrangement comes over as a hectic and controversial process for all the same-sex parents. Even though there are countries that allow surrogacy for same-sex parents, the legislation and laws still require some bigger improvements in regards to gay surrogacy in india.

Now, this is where getting along with the best surrogacy agency is always a right option to go with. Not only would they help you to handpick the best surrogacy option according irrespective to your sexual orientation, but will also be able to help you out with the end to end process.

Different countries have different laws regarding surrogacy and this is where the same-sex parents need to be a bit more cautious and careful. Hence the following points can come helpful if you’re looking forward to your first step towards gay surrogacy in Cambodia.

Read about the legal framework

One of the first things a same sex couple needs to update them about is random legislation and regulation coming their way during their first surrogacy journey in any country. Each of the country brings about their own legal framework in regards to same sex parenting.

Hence, the intended parents needs to get associated with the legal attorney that can brief them in detail regarding every small clause or points in the same respect.

Intended parents can read about it on the Internet or contact the Embassy of the country for more help and assistance. Getting yourself knowledgeable and updated regarding the surrogacy laws of a country can ease out the whole process for the intended parents.

Gay Surrogacy in Cambodia

Stay prepared for every situation

Being same-sex couples, you have to be fully prepared and ready before putting your first step towards surrogacy. You have to think and understand why surrogacy is the only option for you and not adoption where the complications are not that critical.

Still, as surrogacy allows the couple to bring their own biological child within their life, that can be termed as a single biggest reason for them to pursue ukraine surrogacy for gay couples. So, no matter how much it cost, nothing can beat up the heavenly feeling of holding one’s own child in their arms.

Get a sneak peek of the surrogacy process

It’s always suggested to get along with the surrogacy agency before you march forward with your surrogacy journey. The couples must also understand about random individuals that will be coming on board within their particular surrogacy arrangement.

If you are a gay couple, you may have to bring along and a donor to conclude with the IVF process. Moreover, if it’s a lesbian couple, sperm donor needs to be brought in the picture to finish up with the embryo transfer process. Hence, the couples have to stay prepared and equipped with every resource and situation in the same respect.


The next thing that the couple needs to be stay mindful of is the budget involved during the gay surrogacy in cambodia. There are no brownie points for guessing that surrogacy may cost a bit higher for same-sex parents due to the involvement of Egg donor and sperm donor to the whole arrangement.

As the process will be undertaken by IVF expert at a clinic, the number of people and cost involved will certainly spike up. On the other side, different countries and cities facilitates random test and diagnosis for same-sex parents before proceeding with surrogacy. So, the couples have to be ready with every kind of information and details to be furnished from their end.

Being a same sex couple, once you have gone through all the above mentioned aspects you’re now ready to go ahead with the realization of your parenthood dreams. Moreover, please stay cautious and mindful during the whole surrogacy journey and get in touch with the best surrogacy agency to make the process smooth and convenient for you.

Can a single man get a surrogate mother?

Surrogacy happens when a woman carries to term and gives birth to a child for a single person or a couple who cannot do the same due to infertility issues. During surrogacy, she is remunerated for the health risk and services she offered. Since the surrogate woman carries an embryo formed from the eggs and sperm of the would-be parents, she has no hereditary link to the child.

Several surrogation carrier agencies help aspiring couples locate a surrogate mother. Identifying a potential surrogate mother is a prudently assessed process where people can often talk with the applicant in more private ways through telephonic calls, person and one to one meeting, etc. Men who are single, but want to enjoy parenthood can select a surrogate with an egg donor and enjoy the joy of being a father. Just like single parent surrogacy Australia endorses, it is acknowledged by other nationals like Georgia and the USA. This enables them to still have a biological bond with their children without having a spouse. Single men can also opt for embryo donation as a choice to parenthood.

As non-traditional families have become progressively common, more and more persons have become single parents by preference. Every year, thousands of single men and women enhance their families, many of them with the help of surrogacy. Single aspiring parents usually experience a similar process, enjoy the same reimbursements, and encounter the same challenges as couples trailing surrogacy, with some aspirations. The world has become progressive in these terms and many nations even endorse homo-sexual surrogacy. Such gay surrogacy Georgia supports is similar to one supported by many states of the USA.

Aspiring parents have many choices when it comes to starting a family, and a single man or a woman should take into account all of the plusses and challenges of surrogacy before obligating to the process. Single-man surrogacy Georgia and the USA supports enables the individual to nurture the dream of being a father, without the requirement of the mother. Surrogacy can form an evocative, long-term bond between families and surrogates. In some cases, single-parent surrogacy may be more seamless than adoption. By selecting a trustworthy egg donor unit, they tally the patients with an extensive variety of donors from assorted backgrounds with many diverse physical traits. Patients can choose to select a donor who is unidentified, semi-known, or fully known. A nameless donor is one the parent will never meet, a semi-known donor is one who shares restricted details, and a known donor can be a pal, relative. All potential egg donors are suggested to go through an assessment or medical screening process. Egg donors may obtain ovulation exciting drugs over time and have their eggs detached once they are enticed.

Many women who experience fertility treatment may have numerous frozen embryos in excess. They can select to donate them to couples or individuals planning to build a family. Even the same gender surrogacy is also allowed in many countries like same-sex surrogacy in the UK, the USA, and Georgia. Single men can use an embryo contribution with a surrogate to have a child. It is up to each potential intended parent to consider all of the rewards and cons of pursuing surrogacy in their present situation. If someone is struggling to control whether surrogacy is apt for him, reach out to a knowledgeable surrogacy professional or family counselor who may help the single man to make the best decision. While heterosexual couples accomplishing surrogacy will characteristically create an embryo from their egg and sperm, if someone is accomplishing a single parent surrogacy, one will likely have to work with a contributed egg or sperm to achieve the in vitro process successfully. For example, if there is a single male undertaking surrogacy, one will have to find a contributed egg in which one will fertilize with their sperm. This embryo will then be transported into the uterus of a surrogate.

If someone doesn’t have a chosen fertility clinic or gamete bank, he may contact the leading ones in the city or travel to the country which supports single father surrogacy and get it done there successfully.

Can a single man have a baby?

Surrogacy legislation in many countries is typically the same for single parents as it is for married or live-in couples. The legal procedure of surrogacy is far from being simple, though. Protocols vary from state to state, and since surrogateship is a moderately a new family-building technique, many of these legislatures are imprecise and may diverge in their application. In many countries, surrogacy regulations endorse single parent, rather than single father surrogacy.

Surrogacy for single parent enables the parents to grow biological bonds with the child. Single parent’s surrogacy benefits single parents to accomplish their dream of enjoying a family without the desire of a partner. Single man surrogacy is a better choice than adoption because many birth mothers chose two parents’ households. However, single-man surrogacy can generate a long-term expressive relationship between the future parent and the surrogate. In general, the surrogacy method is just the same for single parents as for any other would-be parents. In vitro fertilization or IVF is used to generate an embryo that the surrogate mother carries to term. The same sex surrogacy Georgia and the USA endorse also follow the same course. In traditional surrogacy, a single man could appoint a surrogate mother, whose eggs would be extracted to form the embryo. However, most aspiring parents follow gestational surrogacy, in which the surrogate or the gestational carrier is not hereditarily linked to the baby. While many couples can use the future mother’s egg and future father’s sperm, every single envisioned parent will need to work with an egg or sperm donor in the gestational surrogacy process. This is the primary variance between single-parent surrogacy and surrogateship for couples.

surrogacy agency will help the single man or the parents get in touch with a donor and surrogate concomitantly, or they may be able to direct one to sperm banks and egg donors within their systems. Single intended men may also choose to engage with a known surrogate, such as a relative or a friend. Once you have identified the donor and the surrogate, the surrogacy procedure will run in its usual terms. Because of the sky-high costs of surrogacy, many would-be parents or single men opt to engage with surrogate partners overseas. Moreover, International surrogacy norms may stop single parents from engaging with surrogates in many countries.

international surrogacy in indiaOptimistic parents have many choices when it comes to starting a family, and a single man or a woman should take into account all of the plusses and challenges of surrogacy before obligating to the process. Single-man surrogacy Georgia and the USA supports enables the individual to nurture the dream of being a father, without the requirement of the mother. Surrogacy can form an evocative, long-term bond between families and surrogates. In some cases, single-parent surrogacy may be more seamless than adoption. The process of surrogacy is costly and a single man or a woman may find it tough to manage the procedure with a single income source. The single man may face a disgrace throughout the surrogateship process and following the birth of their baby, and adjusting time and capitals as a single parent can be tough. Just like single parent surrogacy Australia supports, Russia after quite a few amendments support the same. Russia also legally supports both commercial and altruistic version of surrogacy. In Russia, the quality of the surrogacy clinics is very high-end and patients get special and customized medical treatment and remedies. In Russia, surrogacy is controlled by law and there is continual and diplomatic jurisprudence in this matter. It is beneficial to be able to validate sterility to obtain the program, however, it is not sternly necessary. The USA is one of the forerunner countries in surrogacy. It was the first-ever country in the world to identify aspiring parentage in the surrogate pregnancy tenure. The USA supports same-sex surrogacy, single man surrogacy, and married and lives in couple surrogacy in full vigor.

It is up to each potential intended parent to consider all of the rewards and cons of pursuing surrogacy in their present situation. If someone is struggling to control whether surrogacy is apt for him, reach out to a knowledgeable surrogacy professional or family counselor who may help the single man to make the best decision.

Surrrogacy and related laws in various countries around the world

Surrogacy is a process that has helped numerous couples around the world with their child-seeking dreams. Over the past few years, it has been on trends whilst making its way into the lives of millions of common people and high-end celebrities. Although the cost and legality of the process is a matter of argument in many countries around, it is getting popular in the wake of increasing infertility issues across the globe. Still, when we talk about surrogacy laws in different countries, it varies from one country to another in perspective to their culture and social beliefs.

Surrogacy laws in India

As per the ruling passed by the Health Ministry of India in November 2015, commercial surrogacy and gay surrogacy India is completely banned in India. So, all those who would like to know about India surrogacy laws must look down to this factor properly for Gay surrogacy in India. Surrogacy is not legal India and all those surrogacy arrangements which have been commissioned by India surrogacy agency before the given date of the order have been reviewed in every regard.



Before 2015, commercial surrogacy legal in India and India was been considered as the hub for surrogacy tourism across the globe. Even if we would’ve included the cost of flight tickets, random medical procedures, and accommodation, it was around almost one-third of the total cost

Surrogacy laws in Spain

Surrogacy laws in Spain are quite similar to India and it’s also prohibited in the country. Although there hasn’t been regulation by the government in the same regards, gestational surrogacy Spain isn’t legalized in any aspect within the Spanish territories. Still, if there is any couple which has to look forward to Spain surrogacy in the country, they have to opt for a location and place where it has been legalized.

South Africa

The South Africa Children’s Act of 2005 which came into force in the year 2010 has authorized the “intended parents” and the surrogate mother to get their surrogacy agreement verified by the High Court before starting with the fertilization process. This would then validate the intended parents as the authorized legal parent’s right from the start of the whole process.  Still the surrogate mother will be the legal mother until the next 60 days of the birth of the child and she can also change her mind in the meantime. On the other side, only the people residing in the country can opt for the surrogacy process and mostly the single parents and gay couples are allowed to pursue the surrogacy arrangement in the country. On the other side, one of the parents is required to be genetically connected with the future child and they can only opt for altruistic surrogacy and not commercial surrogacy.


Thailand used to be the main hub of surrogacy seeking people but commercial surrogacy is been banned in the country starting from the year 2015. Also, foreign people traveling to the country are now prohibited to pursue the surrogacy process, and it’s only been available for the locals in the country.

How surrogacy serves as the best option for your child-seeking dreams ?

When it comes to surrogacy, it’s often considered an arrangement where a surrogate mother carries the child on behalf of the intended parents in return for some money or other compensation in return.

On the other hand, if we talk about surrogacy as an option to people compared to other infertility treatments like IVF , it has served them with a choice of getting a better result out of their big efforts in terms of money, time and other aspects. While we are talking about it, let’s take a look at some of the most significant advantages of surrogacy.


  • It brings a ray of hope into the dark lives of the infertile couple

If we talk about the couples going through the dark journey of infertility in their lives, nothing can make them feel happy than the smile of that little hope in their backyard. They might get through numerous hours of stress and depression in the journey, but everything vanishes once they grab their child in their hand.

Thus, Kenya surrogacy agency is the best option for all those Intended parents who are still waiting to have a child even after going through numerous fertility treatments.



  • It brings a connection between the intended parents and the child:

There have been some myths attached to Surrogacy Agencies in India that the child would be carrying the ethics and moral values of a third party, and the intended parents can’t have a genetic connection with the same.

However, the reality states that the Intended parents can still have that connection with their future child as the sperm used during the process to develop and embryo belongs to the Intended father( except in case of a sperm donor).


  • Its comparison with other ART treatments and fertility treatments:

Surrogacy has soon become one of the most trending subjects in reproductive science currently and there are numerous celebrities and common people who prefer it over all the other fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, or ICSI. Although all these treatments have their own pros and cons, Surrogacy has emerged as the most popular option for most people.



  • It brings on a win-win situation for all the parties involved in the arrangement:

While surrogacy at Surrogacy Agencies in Australia may bring a ray of hope and happiness to the lives of the intended parents and for gay surrogacy India in the process, it also serves to needs and requirements of the surrogate mother alongside.

This is where it comes as the right solution on board for all the parties in terms of money, effort, and result obtained. Even the surrogate mother would be getting compensated for bearing the child for the intended parents.

Surrogacy and Co-Parenting for Gay Men


Surrogacy is a legal agreement in which a fertile woman agrees to get pregnant and give birth to a child(s) for the intended parent(s). The parents could be choosing the surrogacy due to infertility, high health risks for the mother, same-sex couple, single couples, etc.

Gay men wanted to be fathers of their own children is a common incident, and hence, surrogacy is a particularly growing childbearing procedure among gay men.

same sex surrogacy

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best surrogacy agency in india

Gay Surrogacy in USA Along with All the Related Aspects

Surrogacy is one of the most preferred options for all the struggling couples around which are coping under the troubles created by Infertility in their lives. Moreover, when it comes to looking out for surrogacy options for people from the same sex or gay couples, it all depends on the respective laws of the state or the country they are dealing with in the same process. On the other side, one of the most important aspect in the same regards is the cost factor which comes into picture and whilst we talking about the same, let’s take a look at the Surrogacy cost in USA for Gay couples.

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