Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

Reasons to Choose a Trusted Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

There are a number of reasons to choose the right and trusted surrogacy agency in Georgia.

• The first benefit is existing legal framework that supports this process of completing family with the help of third party person

• Medical services and expertise are quite affordable in the country – even far lower than other countries in Europe

• All surrogate mothers are properly screened and ensured they are from strong background with no dark points in history

• Surrogates are beautiful and from an environment that is perfect for a world-class living standard. This way has results in providing you with most ethical surrogacy in Georgia.

• Caucasian donors, the most demanding donors in the world, are easily available in Georgia.

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Surrogacy Clinic Georgia

What Living Conditions are Necessary for a Surrogate Mother?

In order for the pregnancy to proceed favourably, it is desirable for a surrogate mother to provide the following living conditions.

Cleanliness and Tidiness

Regardless of where the surrogate mother lives or is, the environment around her should be as clean and safe as possible. The most reasonable and ideal solution is to provide a surrogate mother with housing in an ecologically clean city, where there are no factories, factories and large industrial enterprises that pollute the environment with toxic substances and emissions into the atmosphere.

However, if this is not possible, it is enough to keep the pregnant woman’s house clean and tidy. Surrogacy centres Georgia doctors recommend to regularly carry out wet cleaning without using household chemicals, ventilate rooms, humidify the air in a house or apartment. Ideally, such procedures should be carried out every two days.

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