surrogacy Agency in Thailand

All you need to know about Surrogacy in Thailand

For many years, Thailand stood as the highly recognized surrogacy destination for most of the couples from all over the world due to extremely affordable surrogacy arrangements. As of now, the Surrogacy in Thailand for foreign couples is still illegal as per a recent ruling passed by the local government.

Is surrogacy entirely prohibited in Thailand?

Surrogacy is not entirely prohibited in Thailand, although it is restricted to married heterosexual Thai couples. One of the spouses in the same arrangement must also be a Thai national, and the duo must have been married for at least three years. Singles of all sexual orientations and gay couples, on the other hand, are not permitted from getting on board with any form of surrogacy in Thailand, regardless of their citizenship.

Second, the surrogate mother must be one of the partners seeking the surrogacy arrangement’s sibling. She is also expected to be married with children, and the prospective parents must obtain her husband’s approval for the same procedure.

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