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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Surrogacy in Canada

Is it legal to opt for surrogacy in Canada?

Surrogacy is legal in Canada. Federal law known as the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA) outlines both acts that are allowed and those that are outright forbidden. The AHRA authorizes surrogacy in Canada; however, intended parents must be aware that a surrogate may only be compensated for her reasonable out-of-pocket costs associated with the surrogacy procedure.

It is against surrogacy laws in Canada and subject to severe penalties to pay remuneration or make an offer of compensation to a woman who is serving as a surrogate. In Canada, being a surrogate mother is a legitimate and legal option for women who have already given birth to children and want to carry a child for another family.

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What about the Costs of Surrogacy in Canada?

One of the central points that sway numerous choices that proposed guardians make concerning their surrogacy venture is the expense of surrogacy. The surrogacy cost in Canada can significantly change, contingent upon the expected guardians, surrogate, and surrogacy program. If you are a planned parent, pondering what your surrogacy cost would resemble in Canada, here are a few components you should mull over.

‘Being all around educated is vital to diminishing dangers’

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