Surrogacy Cost in Spain

Surrogacy in Spain: Legal Hurdles, Alternatives and more!

The contract that governs surrogacy via surrogacy agencies Spain has been regarded as invalid since the first Spanish statute on assisted reproduction and surrogate mother in Spain was published in 1988. As association to the woman who gives birth in the nation is acknowledged in this law, as it was institutionalized in a financially advantageous or altruistic manner. The present Law 14/2006, enacted on May 26, 2006, on assisted reproductive technologies, upholds this rule and declares any violation a very serious infraction.

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Surrogacy Is Banned in Spain – What Should Spanish Intended Parents Do?

Spain has its set of rules and regulations in terms of surrogacy as the European nation has banned this form, except in a few conditions that could allow its citizens to get this process done. Current, it has banned and every international couple (who is seeking surrogacy centre in Spain) must look for an alternative options. The most crucial concern that often raises head is how to process further, when it is not allowed here.

For this the right answer is that you have some better options to get the best consult out of many agencies that are providing you with amazing options in varied nations, where it is legally allowed. A recognized agency deals with almost all destinations where it is allowed and has contacts with clinics. You have to follow a few steps to move forward to get this procedure completed successfully.

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