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Surrogacy cost in Russia: how much do you need to pay for your surrogacy journey?

Surrogacy in Russia is highly popular among couples and individuals who are looking for affordable surrogacy options. While surrogacy in Russia cost is low, the quality of medical services and facilities is undoubtedly on par with the best in the world.

In this blog, we will briefly talk about the cost of surrogacy in Russia and every related aspect. Moreover, we will further look into all the common questions that an intended parent may come up with during their surrogacy journey in the country.

How much does surrogacy in Russia cost?

The overall surrogacy in Russia cost for a gestational surrogacy program would come to around $35000. Moreover, if you are pursuing traditional surrogacy, the same cost would come to $30000. Intended parents must know that if they are taking the services of an egg donor or a sperm donor, they must be willing to pay the cost mentioned above.

On the other side, the cost may vary depending on the type of program or plan you have opted for with assistance from the surrogacy agency in Russia. Also, the cost of surrogacy would be higher if one of the following factors would come into play.

Factors that may increase the cost of surrogacy in Russia

  • The surrogate mother must have three years of medical insurance from the intended parents. Moreover, the cost would also include paying for the surrogate’s basic requirements as well as regular checkups, advanced care, and other expenses. It will cover everything from pregnancy to delivery. The total fees will further include the surrogate mother’s expenses.
  • In IVF-assisted surrogacy in Russia, various cutting-edge techniques and procedures may be necessary. These are what your fertility expert will advise. It will support the surrogate mother’s ability to carry a healthy pregnancy to term. With the development of new pregnancy techniques, the average cost of surrogacy in Russia would rise.
  • The intended parents and the surrogate mother need to enter into a formal contract. Because the rights of the resulting child can be transferred directly to the intended parents, it simplifies the process. Moreover, the paperwork is handled by a surrogacy attorney with extensive experience. Besides, the surrogate mother is involved throughout the entire pregnancy. Additionally, the higher agreement fees have an impact on the surrogacy in Russia cost


surrogacy in Russia cost


  • Healthy eggs and sperm are required for the IVF process to be successful. That said, the expert can suggest donor support if any of your gametes is having problems. Moreover, high-quality donor sperm and eggs are available for successful pregnancies. These are obtained from the healthy donor and used for insemination during IVF. Besides, the cost of surrogacy is increased by the significantly higher cost of the donor gametes.
  • According to updated surrogacy laws in Russia, couples have to prove their incapability to conceive and furnish the required documentation in the same regard. Without this, a person cannot go along with the surrogacy procedure and even if they do, they have to pay an extra cost to prepare such documentation at a local medical centre
  • Your results may be impacted by the surrogate mother’s health or other circumstances. Also, the process of conception could fail in any issue. That said, your expert will advise repeating the IVF procedure. Moreover, the cost of a surrogate pregnancy includes running the entire IVF cycle, which raises the procedure costs.
  • Your child’s normal vaginal delivery will cost less money. However, the surrogate mother’s health has some problems that the C-type procedure might be required to fix. Besides, surgical techniques are the most expensive. On the other hand, the cost of surrogacy in Russia rises due to the longer recovery period following caesarean delivery.

Frequently asked questions about Surrogacy in Russia

What is IVF-assisted surrogacy in Russia?

IVF is a top-notch solution for many infertility problems. That said, the intended partners’ eggs and sperm are fertilized during the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure. Besides, the treatment is administered by the specialist using the most recent techniques and methods. Moreover, the couple will first undergo a number of medical examinations.

These help the expert assess a couple’s fertility and pregnancy prospects. Then, due to the impact of hormonal and reproductive medicines, female egg production increases gradually. On the other side, the specialists derive the sperm from the intended father and mix it with the eggs derived from the intended mother in an IVF lab. Once the same turns into an embryo, it is then been implanted in the surrogate mother’s uterus to carry out the pregnancy.

Why is a legal framework necessary?

Third-party reproduction occurs when a surrogate mother’s services are used during surrogacy in Russia and she conceives and bears the child for the intended parents. This is where a highly skilled attorney is required to draft the many rules and regulations that pertain to surrogacy.

surrogacy cost in Russia

Moreover, your surrogacy lawyer will include a variety of rights and requirements in the contract. It bears the signatures of both the intended parents and the surrogate mother, confirming their legal custody of the child. So, we can say that to avoid any issues during the surrogacy procedure, you must work towards drafting a contract.

Do the intended parents need to pay the surrogate mother in Russia?

Well, commercial surrogacy is banned in Russia and only altruistic surrogacy is permitted. Moreover, compensation is the monetary reward provided to the surrogate in exchange for her assistance. However, many people turned to surrogacy as a source of income in the past.

Additionally, the government has created new rules and laws to make it legal. This indicates that the intended parents do not pay the surrogate mother. Besides, it implies that the intended parents will not give the surrogate mother any financial compensation. So, we can say that the surrogate can only receive basic necessities and health insurance for a maximum of three years following childbirth.

Final words

Surrogacy in Russia is surely a good option for couples looking for ethical surrogacy without paying huge amounts. Still, given the current socio-political scenario of the country, we advise you to connect with a trusted surrogacy agency in Russia.