How to finalize a new accommodation during a surrogacy process in a foreign country?

Making a fresh start to your surrogacy journey in a different country may come as an exciting prospect, but not without the associated stress. While you are looking to realize your parenthood dreams, you may have to manage a lot of things like managing the accommodation and logistics. Although a quick research and some help from the surrogacy agency can do the job, it may not be as easy as it sounds. Here we share some suggestions that can help you deal with the entire situation in the same respect.

Accommodation and Logistics Research

Never move ahead without proper research

Your first step should be to research the country and everything related to the surrogacy laws in that territory. This way, you can get a clear understanding of how surrogacy is practised in that part of the world.

Once you have clarity regarding all the legalities, you can then focus with a calm mind on accommodation and logistics. On the other hand, you must check a few prospects online like hotels and lodges that are rightly fitting within your budget.

Accommodation and Logistics

Finalize a perfect location

A good location matters for your stay during the surrogacy process. Also, this is where you must choose a location that is near to the surrogacy centre or the fertility clinic. This way you can cut down on the travel time for all the important visits like medical appointments, ultrasound procedures and so on.

 At the same time, check out the cost of their accommodations in the adjoining areas as you can choose the best option that fits into your budget. On the other hand, make sure the region is safe and secure and must offer basic amenities like medicines, food, groceries and all.

Choose the right type of accommodation

The next step must include choosing the right type of accommodation as per your comfort, convenience and budget. Moreover, you can choose from a lot of options like short-term rentals while visiting various websites online. While you will be getting a home-like environment within these accommodations, this is also good for a longer stay duration.

You can also look for hotels and lodges that will provide all the services at a certain price. This way, you need not look for all the important services around as everything is provided by the hotel only. That said, the type of accommodations you choose would largely depend on how long you are staying in the country and what comfort level you are looking for while choosing this accommodation.

Set your budget limits in advance

You can’t pick a good accommodation without setting the required budget. Moreover, as you look for the right lodge or accommodation, do pay attention to aspects like food, transportation, medicine costs and any unexpected delays for the treatment. While surrogacy comes along with its challenges, you have to make sure that you keep a good budget aside for it and not just for the accommodation. That way, you can manage your surrogacy journey as well as the accommodation in the right manner possible.

Connect via local transport if you feel like

Local transportation in Western countries is the main mode of transportation for many people. So, instead of going for private taxis or cars, you can look forward to the buses and trains to save a good amount. At the same time, it’s all a personal choice and a person can choose safety and convenience over savings. On the other hand, it will depend on a particular situation like whether you are going for an appointment, test or an emergency.

Stay connected all the while

As you are in a foreign territory, you must stay connected to your loved ones and friends in your nation on the move. Also, it is always suggested to connect with a local friend or even a surrogacy agency for immediate support. There will be a chance that you can gain access to free internet via public Wi-Fi systems. However, it is always recommended to purchase the local SIM only for your first trip to any country.

You can also ask the surrogacy agency to offer you a coordinator who can stay aside during every part of your journey. That way, you need not keep a check on each and everything while on the move. While this may cost some extra money, it would take care of comfort and convenience.

Creating a local support system can help

The importance of building a local support system can be of great help during your surrogacy journey. Also, this is where you can create connections with the local community or various surrogacy experts within the region. This way, you can also get benefitted out of their valuable advice and experience with mental counselling. On the other hand, you can use the power of social media to find such a community in a foreign country.

Pay attention to the language barriers

surrogacy agencyThere may be a possibility that you are travelling to a country that would be speaking a different language. In all such cases, keeping yourself familiar with some local phrases or even using translation apps can be of great help. You can also connect with the local translator for all the important conversations and communication with the surrogacy agency or the medical professionals.

Pay respect to the local traditions

As you are in a foreign land, don’t forget to respect the local traditions and people. If you are not aware of their customs, learn about them online or via a local friend or a surrogacy professional. That way, you can always better your experience and get along with your surrogacy journey without offending anyone.

Stay prepared for any unforeseen situations

Staying prepared for any kind of uncertain situation can also help during a surrogacy process. So, while you are finalizing your accommodation, you must always keep an emergency plan in hand. This could be in regards to your visit to the hospital, medical professional or the surrogate mother. Still, make sure that you are coming along with all the required documents, contract papers and medical records to get along with the same.

Final words

Finalizing an accommodation in a new country may require some good thoughts and decision-making. So, while keeping all these aspects in mind, you can make an informed decision towards a beautiful surrogacy journey.

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