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Why enjoying those small moments is equally important during your surrogacy journey?

As a human we are often concerned and focused on the bigger moments of our lives. During the process, we also forget to savour those little, yet precious moments that also drives us. Similarly, surrogacy is a unique experience that frequently combines feelings of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety.

Although the arrival of a baby is the ultimate goal, there are many little moments along the way that should be treasured. Moreover, by concentrating on these occasions, intended parents and surrogates can both benefit from an enhanced, emotionally fulfilling, and memorable experience. Here’s a closer look at why savouring these little moments matters so much and how to make the most of each stage of the surrogacy process.

Why savouring these little moments matters so much

Making newer connections      

You get to meet a lot of new people and experts on your way to parenthood via surrogacy. Moreover, these newer connections define your life differently in the days to come. A special relationship is formed between the intended parents and the surrogate through surrogacy. Every conversation, be it a quick update call, a mutual appointment, or a quick get-together, offers a chance to deepen this relationship. Relishing these insignificant exchanges fosters a stronger bond and mutual respect, both of which are necessary for a positive surrogacy partnership. Together, celebrate small wins, such as a fruitful embryo transfer or a positive visit to the doctor, and let these occasions strengthen your bond.

Cutting out stress

Stress is known to come as a major reason for most health complications around the world. So, while keeping it in during your surrogacy journey, you are not doing yourself a favour. Because of the high stakes and emotional intensity involved, the surrogacy process can be stressful.

little moments matters

Reducing this stress can be accomplished by finding joy in the little things. It can be satisfying for surrogates to experience the joys of pregnancy and to share these moments with the intended parents. Also, the intended parents can feel less anxious about the process if they take pleasure in the surrogate’s well-being and the development of her pregnancy. Every encouraging moment acts as a reminder that everything is going smoothly, which can help prevent anxiety.

Keeping the recordings of these interactions

Life travels so fast that we often forget to recollect most of the memories that once made us feel cherished and amazed. That said, each stage of the surrogacy process is a component of a greater narrative that will be recounted for many years to come. A rich tapestry of memories can be woven together by taking the time to savour and record these moments.

These could be pregnancy pictures, notes on memorable occasions, or even little get-togethers following significant anniversaries. These are priceless memories for the child as well as the intended parents and surrogate, who will look back and recognise the love and care that brought them into the world.

Respecting the Surrogate’s gestures

The surrogate mother is no less than an angel for your parenthood goals via surrogacy. Moreover, the surrogate’s willingness to assist the intended parents in becoming parents is a great blessing. Little things like sending a card of thanks, wishing the surrogate a happy birthday or just saying “thank you” for all of her hard work and perseverance can go a long way.

The surrogate feels appreciated and her role in this shared journey is further reinforced by these deeds of kindness. That way, she will stay grateful while putting all the hard efforts in offering your future child a perfectly healthier environment.

Don’t just keep focusing on a single aspect

We know that having your child in your arms is the ultimate goal for your entire parenthood journey. That said, it’s simple to become fixated on the surrogate mother’s delivery of a healthy child as the ultimate goal. But concentrating only on the result can make the journey seem overwhelming and anxious.

By reminding all parties involved that surrogacy is a meaningful journey in and of itself, rather than merely a means to an end, celebrating the little things helps keep everyone’s perspective healthy. This viewpoint can improve the entire experience and help difficult moments seem more manageable.

Promoting only Happy emotions

It’s always good to create a positive environment around the surrogate and even your future child. Good vibes and happiness spread easily. Positive feelings can improve intended parents’ and surrogates’ interactions when they take the time to savour little things.

Positivity can enhance everyone’s emotional health and even positively impact the surrogate’s pregnancy experience. A supportive atmosphere created by positive emotions facilitates a smoother and more enjoyable surrogacy process.

intended parents and surrogates

How do you make the most of these times?

Everyone can have their own ways to make the most of such times during their journey within a surrogacy program. Yet, here we recommend a few of the most common ways :

Be in the moment

Be totally present when you are having appointments or interacting with the surrogate. Keep your mind off other things and concentrate on the experience, taking in the importance of each step.

Talk Honestly

Openly express your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude. Not only should updates be shared, but also feelings of gratitude and joy.

Create schedules

Create little customs or routines, such as providing weekly updates or commemorating the pregnancy’s monthly milestones. These can offer consistent happy and exciting moments.

Maintain a Journal

Keep a journal or blog detailing your surrogacy experience. You can think back on the good things in life and appreciate them more fully if you record your thoughts and accomplishments.

Make a proper plan.

Plan enjoyable get-togethers or events that will promote relaxation and connection between the intended parents. This may include tasks like a prenatal yoga class, a shared spa day, or a simple meal.

Final words

Do know that surrogacy is a wonderful experience that is possible only because each one involved have given their best efforts. Moreover, everyone involved can improve their experience and make the journey to parenthood rich and emotionally fulfilling by concentrating on and savouring the little things. These experiences foster enduring bonds, lessen tension, produce priceless memories, and keep a happy mood all along the way. Thus, remember to savour the small things in life because they are what really add specialness to the surrogacy experience.

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