Top US States That Permit Surrogacy Treatment and Procedure

Before you step in the process, you should keep in mind that surrogacy in USA is not permitted by all states or different states of different regulations. They have their own set of rules and laws – helping intended parents and even single parents or LGBT to grow their families. For international intended parents and those, who wish to build their families through this successful procedure, it will be better to stay in touch with a recognized and selected surrogacy agency in USA – rather than trying to get the procedure completed DIY. Independent search may be an option but you need more time, money and efforts. Legal formalities are required to complete that may require more time because you may have to submit medical reports, and other documentations.

You should also keep in mind that laws related to surrogacy for International parents are highly supportive. Each of the children born here or getting born here stays directly eligible for the US passport after its birth, irrespective of the Intended parent’s citizenship.

If one looks through the list of all states, only a few of them authorize altruistic surrogacy and got legal guidelines in place to support and assist international intended parents with all the required medical and legal support and assistance.

In the most surrogacy-friendly states, you (intended parents) will receive the per-birth orders regardless of their sexual orientation, marital status, and sometimes the genetic linkage to the baby. These states also permit the birth certificate – featuring both parents’ name and allowing both uncompensated and compensated agreements.

Surrogacy Agency in USA

Surrogacy Friendly States That Permit This Procedure in Successful Way

If you are looking for surrogacy treatment in USA, you need to know about the states that are friendly for this process. These states are the following:

• California – It is the most favorable surrogacy state as the State Law and courts support the agreements and pre-birth orders

• District of Columbia, according to 2017, allows commercial surrogacy

• Nevada is in favor this procedure

• Connecticut – the beautiful state supports pre-birth orders, but not much friendly with surrogacy arrangements

• New Hemisphere – the state supports both pre-birth orders and surrogacy

• Delaware is in favor of both the pre-birth orders and surrogacy arrangements

• Maine has a few Restrictions on this arrangement. It supports pre birth orders

• Rhode Island doesn’t have laws exist and courts are also supporting the services alongside

• Vermont with absence of any governing authority to state surrogacy law allows this procedure.

• Washington is also one of them, where commercial arrangement is treated as offense, but altruistic surrogacy is allowed.

U.S. States Where This Arrangement Is Prohibited?

There are only a few states whose statutes explicitly prohibit this arrangement.

• Louisiana

• Michigan

• Nebraska

These are the states now allowing this practice.

If you are planning to complete your family here, it will be better to stay in touch with a recognized agency like Become Parents, where all facilities and complete support are provided to you. Join the counseling sessions and clear your doubts.

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