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Why Surrogacy in UK isn’t for Everyone?

Surrogacy in UK is like that big bag of tricks that needs to be opened and understood before one can proceed in the same direction. While surrogacy is legal in this part of the world, you got to adhere to a list of rules and regulations in almost every regards.

Being an intended parent, you must understand that UK takes their laws very seriously. So, any violations to the same may land you in some big trouble within no time. Hence, it is always suggested to be in the right hands while dealing with a reputed and experienced surrogacy agency in UK.

Surrogacy Agency in UK

Is surrogacy permitted for everyone in UK?

Yes, anyone can pursue surrogacy in UK. Still, they got to adhere to all the existing rules and regulations mentioned by the surrogacy laws in the country. So, even if you are pursuing surrogacy via a surrogacy agency in UK, you can do so without any legal or social issues.

On the other side, one needs to keep a note of certain key points related to surrogacy laws in UK that are as follows:

• If the intended parents take the services of surrogate mother in UK, she will be the legal parent of the born child

• In case the surrogate mother is married or in any kind of civil partnership, her husband or the civil partner would be the second legal parent of the born child

• This still depends on the consent and the permission of the surrogate mother

• On the other side, the law of court would decide the parentage of the child given a dispute between the parties in the same regard

• Surrogacy agreements aren’t enforceable by law in UK. So, even if you are pursuing surrogacy by paying a higher surrogacy cost in UK, you cannot enforce the same on either of the involved parties

• Still, the surrogate mother and the intended parent can agreed on the surrogacy contract on good faith

How much is surrogacy cost in UK?

In the UK (England, Scotland, and Wales), the cost of a surrogacy is entirely dependent on the terms of the agreement reached between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Therefore, you might have to pay around 15,000 GBP if you’re an international parent looking for a surrogate mother on your own. On the other side, the legal fees that must be paid to the legal representative and the court when requesting legal custody of the child after birth are not included in the cost of surrogacy in the UK.

Additionally, the surrogacy cost may increase if the intended parents choose to use an egg or sperm donor to aid them in their surrogacy journey.

Now, while some people choose to look for a surrogate on their own frequently because it is less expensive, it is always advised to use a surrogacy agency in UK for the same reason. This could be done for a list of reasons.

A surrogacy agency can help you find a surrogate mother because it is illegal to advertise for a surrogate mother in the country. They can also assist you with the screening and matching of the surrogate before hiring her. The surrogacy agency will also handle the embryo transfer process and provide you with a legal representative to help with the custody application process.

Final words

Surrogacy in UK is a bit complicated as compared to other parts of the world. Still, with proper guidance and consultation, from an experienced surrogacy agency, one can successfully cherish that most awaited moment of parenthood.

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