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Why Surrogacy in Colombia stands as an Ultimate Solution to your Parenthood Aspirations

Colombia is one of those countries that don’t impose any restrictions on the intended parents’ enroute to the realization of their parenthood dreams. So, technically, you can pursue without worrying much about any legal or social hassle in the country.

Apart from the flexible laws of surrogacy in Colombia, you will surely be mesmerized with the top notch medical care and support available in the country. As per recent survey, most number of clinics and hospitals from Colombia has made it to the world’s best ones list.

Surrogacy Agency in Colombia

Is surrogacy legal in Colombia?

Yes, according to surrogacy laws in Colombia, surrogacy is a legal arrangement. So, regardless of whether you are looking for gay surrogacy or surrogacy for singles, you can always go ahead with any hassles or concerns.

• Every man and woman in Colombia is entitled to equal rights and have access to surrogacy and IVF for parenthood. That said, there is no place for prejudice of any type, which is why surrogacy in Colombia has emerged as one of the ideal locations for LGBT couples and single parents.

• The rights and responsibilities of same-sex parents are the same as those of heterosexual parents.

• They don’t have birth certificates in Colombia and just go with a baby ID card. The Baby ID merely says parents; it does not list the names of the father or mother.

• Therefore, only the baby’s name will be added there if there is only one genetic parent (or if there is only one man or woman). In other words, the birth certificate does not need to list a surrogate mother.

• According to the Constitutional Court’s ruling and the most recent report from the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) (Surveillance, 2019), surrogacy is entirely lawful in Colombia.

• There are currently about 25 specialist facilities and random surrogacy agency in Colombia in the nation that provide treatments for couples with issues with their reproductive health, including the use of surrogacy in Colombia within assisted human reproduction techniques (ART).

How to proceed with surrogacy in Colombia?

Surrogacy is legal in Colombia. Still, given the availability of a list of surrogacy centers and clinics in the country, you may find it hard to pick the right one. Hence, it is always recommended to connect with the most trusted surrogacy agency after keeping the following facts in mind:

Check about the experience of the surrogacy agency

Colombia is a famous South American country with random surrogacy clinics and facilities available in the downtown area. Still, in order to pick the best one for your purpose, you must check their expertise and experience in the same domain.

To make it easier, you can go ahead and check their credentials and other key info on their official website. This way, you can get a truer picture of the services and facilities provided by the respective surrogacy agency.

Check about the quality of their services

A good surrogacy agency is as good as the quality of their facilities. While most clinics and hospitals are rated as the best among the world, you must still check and enquire about their faculties in your preferred manner.

This way, you can always stay assured of getting the most ethical services while adhering to the surrogacy laws in Colombia.

Surrogacy cost

Surrogacy in Colombia comes at a much lower cost than other countries like USA, Canada and UK. So, you can pursue your child seeking dreams at a fraction of what you may have paid in all of these countries. That said; do enquire about the plans and programs available at the surrogacy clinic in Colombia before making a final deal.

Final words

Surrogacy in Colombia is a preferred option for any parent looking for ethical and affordable surrogacy options. That said, do your own research and investigation of every related aspect before taking the first step forward.

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