If you are an intended parent looking for Gay surrogacy in India, you must know that is banned as per the new Surrogacy act passed by the Indian parliament in 2019. Surrogacy is also Ban For Single Parents, Homosexuals, and Live-in Couples. The act put a hold on all the surrogacy-related activities for International parents that are conducted in the country.

Gay surrogacy in India

As of now, only Indian nationals can pursue surrogacy and even then you cannot opt for Gay surrogacy in India. Being the best surrogacy agency in India, we, at Become parents would recommend you opt for alternative destinations like Kenya, Georgia, or Argentina. So, if you are considering surrogacy for same sex in India, then you must be going with some specific questions about searching the sperm donors, friendly LGBT professionals, establishing legal parental rights, and much more regarding same sex surrogacy in India.

Best alternatives to Gay Surrogacy in India

Gay surrogacy in Kenya

In Kenya, there are no specific rules or regulations governing surrogacy. However, regardless of sexual orientation, everyone is free to legally start a family thanks to the Kenya Family Act.

Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that gay or same-sex surrogacy is not illegal in Kenya. In addition, gay couples can participate in the surrogacy process without any problems or restrictions from the law.

Gay surrogacy cost in India

In a similar vein, you must collaborate with the best surrogacy agency in Kenya so that they can assist you during the entire surrogacy process. This is where our qualified consultants at Become Parents can best support you in handling the process.

Gay Surrogacy in Georgia

Gay surrogacy agency in Mumbai

Gay surrogacy is not governed or managed by any laws or regulations in Georgia. Therefore, surrogacy for LGBT couples can be pursued in the country without any hassles.

Using a surrogate for gay surrogacy in Georgia has several advantages. Male couples of the same gender can have children through the use of a surrogate. Same-sex surrogacy in Georgia is another choice for lesbian couples who are unable to bear children on their own.

In Georgia, IVF and related medical treatments are regularly used in gay surrogacy.

In a heterosexual surrogacy arrangement, the genetic material from either spouse may be utilized. On the other hand, same-sex couples decide who will provide the genetic material for the embryo’s growth.

You need to decide whether to use an egg or sperm donor, depending on your situation. In a same-sex surrogacy situation (including men), the surrogate mother may use her own eggs or they may both use egg donors.

The egg donor may be a close friend or cousin of the potential parents. A sperm donor will serve the same purpose on the other side if female couples choose to act as a surrogate for LGBT couples in Georgia.

Gay Surrogacy in Argentina

Since Argentina, a country in Latin America permitted gay couples to have children, many gay couples there have begun to express interest in surrogacy therapy. Understanding the cost of gay surrogacy in Argentina may help you and your partner go forward if you’re one of those people trying to strengthen your connection.

Using the assistance of a renowned Argentine surrogacy clinic makes it simple and straightforward so that you and your partner can fully enjoy the wonderful experience, even though gay surrogacy is more expensive and time-consuming than surrogacy for heterosexual couples.

Gay surrogacy in Mumbai

Surrogacy in Argentina for homosexual couples would still be more expensive when taking into account the use of a sperm or egg donor in the arrangement. This would necessitate a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests in addition to other crucial procedures.

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Whatever requirements you have regarding the gay surrogacy process in India or elsewhere, Become Parents is renowned for offering the most dependable and ethical surrogacy services. In recent years India, same sex surrogacy in India has become increasingly conservative. When you prefer surrogacy for same sex in India, then you go with an ethical agency throughout the process with the right choices.

You may rely on our committed team of medical and legal experts to support and help you throughout your surrogacy journey, as well as on our cutting-edge medical procedures and counseling.

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