Surrogacy in India

Although Surrogacy is not allowed in India or foreign couples, there are surrogacy agencies in the country which are offering great alternative options to all the foreign couples in different countries like Mexico, Ukraine and United States of America. Still a foreign couple cannot seek best surrogacy in India and the practice is currently banned in the country.

Regulations and guidelines regarding IVF in India

As of now, the proposed legislation in the India regulated by Indian health ministry, regulates and supervises all the IVF clinics, surrogacy clinics in india and Surrogacy agencies in India. Although the proposed legislation is still under debate, there are chances that it will ban the commercial surrogacy in the country permanently. This is the same draft which is under discussion for many years now with the Indian health ministry and meanwhile the Indian council of Medical research (ICMR) has provided instructions to all the clinics to deny any type of surrogacy arrangement to the foreign couples.

The ICMR has issued a letter in the same regards in 2015 on behalf of the Indian health ministry which states clear instructions in regards to “not entertain any foreigner for availing surrogacy clinic in India”. Although this has created a ruckus amongst various established IVF clinics across India, they have further been pushed to connect with various overseas clinics in order to provide their foreign clients with the required surrogacy services and various other treatments which are banned in India for them. We are best surrogacy clinic in India and providing hope and happiness through our surrogacy clinics in india.

There have been cases when the embryos are been conceived in India under best surrogacy center in India and then been transferred to the overseas clinic where a surrogate mother is legally been hired to carry the child in her womb for the intended parents.

Alternatives to Best Surrogacy India

Even though surrogacy for foreign couples is banned in India as of now, you can still go for some better and reasonably priced options whilst being a couple from a foreign country in order to initiate with your surrogacy journey. At Become parents “best surrogacy clinic”, we take this through with the help of all our partnered clinics located across various parts of globe. So we proudly say we are the best place of surrogacy in India.

Despite the fact that you’re not left with numerous choices for surrogacy in India, you need not to feel disappointed or disheartened. There are few countries that have largely been seen as the best alternative to Surrogacy in India.


Australia only permits just altruistic surrogacy and the intended parents are not allowed to put through any sort of advertisement, hoardings or marketing in any of the print, electronic or social media while searching for the surrogate mother.

In addition, they are likewise not permitted to put any ad with respect to surrogate matching, egg or sperm donation and other related aspects that are restricted inside the legal boundaries of the country.

This is the where you are needed to jump aboard with the most ethical and affordable surrogacy agency so as to locate the best surrogacy in Australia. Having a look at the cost part of surrogacy in Australia, it will make you pay in the range of $50,000-$60,000.


Aside from Australia, the couples usually admire Canada as their most sought after destination for surrogacy. Actually, the country scores highest in terms of happiness index as compared to the other countries of the world. This is one of the reasons why most of the couples prefer to come here to realise their parenthood dreams.

Apart from state of the art medical services,  you can likewise locate the best IVF specialists that can deal with your particular surrogacy case in the most ideal way. Talking about the cost of surrogacy in Canada, you may have to shell out something in between $90,000 to 1,00,00 dollars for surrogacy in Canada.


One of the other countries that have attracted thousands of surrogacy seeking couples in the past few years is Kenya. The best part here is the availability of high quality medical specialists and facilities at any given point of time.

Likewise, the legislation here allows each individual (regardless of whether its local resident or a foreign national) to look through their surrogacy aspirations regardless of their sexual orientation. All things considered, you must be somewhat cautious when searching for best surrogacy in Kenya as the society and religious leaders in the country are not that flexible and open towards gay surrogacy.

Discussing the cost, you need to spend between $40,000 in $50,000 for a surrogacy arrangement, depending upon the surrogacy program you are anticipating.


Another country that can be considered as a potential option in contrast to a surrogate in India is Ukraine. In any case, the couple need to take note of the fact that only Heterosexual couples are allowed to pursue a surrogacy arrangement in the country.

On the other side, the quality of IVF experts and medical facilities is simply outstanding so you can stay assured of getting the best medical care for the surrogate and your future child. Additionally, cost of surrogacy in Ukraine would come in the range of $45,000-$60,000, all depending on the aspects and elements of the surrogacy program you have opted for.


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