If you are a single parent who is planning to opt for single parent surrogacy in a particular country, understanding the surrogacy regulation of that country comes as a pre-requisite. Without doing so, you may land into some big legal trouble out of nowhere.

While countries like UK, USA, Canada, Colombia, Australia, and Mexico have legalized single parent surrogacy in their territories, there are other countries like Ukraine, Georgia, and Cyprus that have put certain regulations in the same regard.

On the other side, countries like China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Spain have put a complete ban on any kind of surrogacy in their jurisdiction. So, whether its single parent surrogacy or heterosexual surrogacy, or homosexual surrogacy, you really have to analyze your options carefully before taking the step forward.

Understanding the single parent Surrogacy laws worldwide

Single parent surrogacy in USA

In the United States of America, married couples and single women and men are both subject to the same laws governing the use of surrogacy. Still, before deciding to use a surrogate mother, it is best to speak with a lawyer because surrogacy laws vary from one state to another in this part of the world.

Single parent surrogacy cost in USA would be higher than other countries given the cost effective medical support and infrastructure

Single parent Surrogacy in United Kingdom

The UK government passed a new law on January 3, 2019, allowing single parents to use surrogacy. Moreover, only non-commercial( altruistic) surrogacy is permitted in the UK.

Single men and women who want to use a surrogate mother in England should keep in mind that a “parental order” from a judge is the only way to establish who the child’s legal parent is. The surrogate mother is regarded as the child’s mother up until this point in the legal process.

On the other side, you must demonstrate that the surrogate mother has been compensated for all costs associated with the examination, IVF, pregnancy, and delivery in order to obtain an order.

Single parent surrogacy in Canada

In Canada as well, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted for everyone, be it single parents, heterosexual couples, or same sex couples. Additionally, a surrogate mother has the right to receive reimbursement for costs associated with medical testing, artificial insemination, pregnancy, and childbirth.

On the other side, neither the surrogate mother nor the commissioning parents are allowed to post commercials in regards to surrogate search

Single parent surrogacy in Australia

Australia permits surrogacy for everyone, given that you adhere to the regulations that vary on a state to state basis. Moreover, single parent surrogacy cost would go up to $80000 depending on aspects like IVF treatment cost, egg donor cost, sperm donor cost and related medicinal costs.

Single parent surrogacy in Russia

Both married couples and single women who are unable to conceive and give birth to a child on their own may use a surrogate in Russia. There have been instances of single men using a surrogate mother’s services so we can say that single parent surrogacy for men is also permitted here.

The law of the Russian Federation has one significant flaw: a surrogate mother is treated as the mother of a child born through a surrogate motherhood program until she agrees to have the biological mother’s name included on the birth certificate.

The law will be on the surrogate mother’s side if she decides against giving up the child, and no agreements, contracts, or legal actions will be able to help.

Single parent surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya doesn’t have any surrogacy laws. So technically, you can proceed with your aspirations regarding single parent surrogacy without any concerns. However, the family laws of Kenya allow everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, to form a family.

So, while connecting with a trusted surrogacy agency in Kenya, you can reach your parenthood goals without falling into any legal trouble. Moreover, the low cost, yet ethical surrogacy options in Kenya are helping thousands of individuals in realizing their parenthood dreams.

While the single men’s surrogacy cost is also low here, it will be duly backed by state-of-the-art hospitals and fertility clinics. That said, dealing with a trusted and renowned surrogacy agency in Kenya is highly recommended given the unregulated surrogacy laws in this part of the planet.

Single parent surrogacy in Colombia

Colombia allows single parent surrogacy within its jurisdiction. Still, the intended parents have to take a detailed understanding of the surrogacy laws in this country beforehand. Moreover, even men can go for single parent surrogacy for men at a nominal cost.

All you have to do is search for a surrogate mother and egg or sperm donor and the rest of the process is quite simple and straightforward.

Single parent surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine only allows surrogacy for heterosexual couples within its territories. So, regarding single parent surrogacy, you have to pursue other destinations like Canada, USA, UK, or Colombia.

Single parent surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy is unregulated in Georgia. So, anyone can proceed with their ambitions regarding single parent surrogacy while consulting with a legal professional. That said, taking the right guidance and advice is highly important as there are random fake agents and agencies that may dupe you in the name of low single men surrogacy cost.

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