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Everything You Need to Know Regarding Surrogacy in Cambodia

After the ban on surrogacy in Thailand few years back, Cambodia became the most feasible alternative for every International couple around. For few years, it has served the International couples with some best quality surrogacy services and programs.

Still, given to the increased illegal surrogacy programs in the country, the Government of Cambodia placed a ban on the surrogacy in Cambodia in 2016.

Now as you can’t look forward to surrogacy in Cambodia for obvious reasons, here are few of the best surrogacy destinations that you can consider in the same regards.

Best alternatives to Surrogacy in Cambodia


Couples can pursue only Altruistic surrogacy in Australia as this is the only permitted surrogacy arrangement allowed inside the legal domains of the nation. Additionally, they are not permitted to get through any sort of publication or advertisements regarding finding the surrogate mother. Furthermore, sperm and egg donation options are also prohibited within the legal territories of the country.

In any case, surrogacy is managed state wise in the country and most of the states have their own unique laws and rulings in regards to a surrogacy arrangement within the country. On the other side, the overall cost of surrogacy in Australia would run between 50,000 dollars to 60,000 dollars to the intended parents.

Surrogacy Agency in Thailand


Kenya has emerged as the most favored surrogacy destination for the majority of the international couples across the globe. Regardless of being a same sex couple or single parent; you can seek surrogacy in the country without any hassle. All things considered, you still need to stay a bit mindful and cautious while pursuing gay surrogacy in the country as Kenya is a homophobic country.

So, not many people and organizations will take Gay surrogacy in Kenya the way it is. So, it is always advisable to associate yourself with the best surrogacy agency in Kenya in the same respect.

Additionally, Kenya is home to some best IVF center so you don’t have to stress over the quality of medical treatment and administrations. Discussing the cost of surrogacy in Kenya, it will come around in the middle of 40,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars.


Besides Kenya and Australia, the other country that you can look up to regarding your parenthood dreams is surrogacy in Ukraine. The country permits just hetero sexual couples to look for surrogacy plans inside its territories. Likewise, the medical centers and quality of medical services are certainly on par with other countries in the world.

Presently, this is the biggest motivation behind why this nation pulls in large number of couples each year to come over for their surrogacy dreams.

Regardless of what city or country you are looking forward for Surrogacy, dealing with the best surrogacy agency is pre-requisite. Doing this, you can help yourself with a start to end support and assistance in your surrogacy journey within any country.

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