Reasons to do Surrogacy Treatment in India

Infertility is a growing problem these days. Apart from medical issues such as hormonal imbalance, low sperm quality, etc., fast lifestyle and food habits also affect fertility. More and more developments are being made in the fertility industry as more people are seeking help for fertility issues.

Surrogacy is one such option that many intended couples go for. Surrogacy is a matter of debate throughout the globe. Many people are pro and against the idea of surrogacy. While some see surrogacy as cruelty, some see it as a service.

Many believe that using the surrogate mother’s womb for about nine months and then taking away the baby from her is cold-hearted. Some raise the matter of the homeless children in every country and urges intended parents to adopt. However, some see surrogacy as a service the surrogate mother is willing to do so that this brings the joy of life to a family.

surrogacy treatment india

Just like in many different countries, India too fought over the idea of surrogacy. Surrogacy was frowned upon by many when the discussion initially came up. However, contrary to popular belief, surrogacy is legal in India. As a matter of fact, India is becoming one of the most popular destinations for surrogacy throughout the world.

Here are some of the reasons intended couple could consider India for their surrogacy treatment:

1. Legalization

As we already discussed, surrogacy is legal in India, unlike many countries. There are many countries in the world that frown upon the idea of surrogacy. However, since the legalization of surrogacy in India, it is feasible for many intended parents to seek surrogacy treatment to have a child genetically connected to them.

2. Low cost

Cost of living in India is lower when compared to many other western nations. The same applies to surrogacy too. Indian IVF fertility clinics offer best-in-class surrogacy treatment including technically advanced tools, appropriate medical care to the surrogate mother and the baby, keeping track of the baby’s growth and health, etc. All of this is achieved in less than half of the price in other countries.

3. Safety

In many countries, the surrogate mother, child and intended couple are not safe if the country does not legalize surrogacy. However, Indian law protects all parties involved in the surrogacy contract by law. The fertility clinic ensures that the intended parents, surrogate mother and the baby are protected by law.

It is also vital that the intended parents are able to trust the surrogate mother with their child. The legal contract a surrogate mother has to sign before proceeding will ensure no malpractices

4. Vacation

We understand that the time intended parents spend trying to have a baby through surrogacy is tensed. However, there is no harm in fitting a mini-vacation into this time. India is filled with natural beauty, family-oriented ambience of the country, and its immense culture will leave you in awe. You could use this experience to relieve you from the stress and let go a bit.

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